Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Today was a good one.  A real good one.  Probably because I got to spend it with one of the best dads around.  Even though it was Father's Day and all, I got the pleasure of sleeping in!  Conor loves his mornings with Liam, and I definitely still need the extra sleep as I recover from Mono.  I'm pretty much a lucky gal for snatching him up.

Conor was craving eggs benedict (his most favorite brunch item), so we decided to try out a new place in one of our favorite neighborhoods.  We had a late brunch because Utah has all sorts of weird laws, one of which being that you can't order alcohol until 11:30am.  And what is brunch if it's not accompanied by a bloody mary or mimosa?  Breakfast, just breakfast.  And we were in the brunch sort of mood, since we were celebrating and all.  So we tried out Pago and were not disappointed!  We will most definitely be back for a date night in the near future.

Later we checked out a "new to us" park where Liam made his way down every single slide, picked up pinecones (which he thought about eating), & chased birds just to make them fly.  He was the happiest soul at the park!

We finished off the afternoon with a dance party (Happy is still his most favorite song), golf, & a little yard work.  Those are the things Father's Days are made of.  Who needs to play at an actual course, when you could be teaching the littlest generation how to keep both hands on the club.  My heart was full all day as I watched my two best boys play together.

After Liam was put to bed, Conor & I finished the night on the front porch, watching the sun go down while enjoying a bottle of wine.  As exhausted as we are at the end of each day, we miss the little guy while he is sleeping and spend most of our time talking about how incredible he is.  Proud proud parents we are!

I also spent the day thinking about all the other amazing dads in my life.  My brothers, brother-in-law, father-in-law, & of course my very own Dad!  I am so much like him, which makes me happy & frightens me all at the same time.  The dad/daughter bond is a strong one, and I am pleased to have him to myself!  There are many perks to being the only daughter, and I soak up each & every one of them.  Cheers to you, Dad! 

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Such sweet photos (especially the golf one - love!!). Looks like you had a fabulous weekend :) :)

  2. Chris let me sleep in on Father's Day too! Felt a little guilty but not enough to get up lol ;). I love the pictures of Liam with your husband... So cute!

  3. Sweet sweet memories!! :) Presley likes to go down the slide, EVERY slide, when we go to a park. She could care less about the other stuff. Looks like Liam has a great dad to accompany his great mom! :)

  4. What a great day!! Wyatt has learned that pinecones are not his friend, too prickly for him, ha! ;)

  5. You got to sleep in? haha, sounds like a great father's day! Aria and Chris spent the day together so I mostly had the day off, I'm kind of a fan of this father's day thing!

    Such a sweet sounding day!!! Although bummer about the Utah laws.

  6. LOVE the pictures of Liam and your husband! I feel like I don't see them very often and I think they are so cute together! Hope you guys had a great day!


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