Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Early Birthday Surprise

Hello July and the kick off to Liam's birthday month!  

There are quite a few bloggers whose babies are all turning 2 this month, so we decided to do a little gift exchange, secret santa style.  Last week Liam received a package in the mail from Laureen & her little boy Tyson from Chateau Deveau.  It was full of all sorts of goodies; little L just love opening up his big box!

Liam's favorite item is the book, no surprise!  It's a counting book with animals riding in different cars; seriously, I think this book was made for Liam.  It has all of his favorite things in one book!  He can currently count to 10 on a pretty regular basis, but he almost always skips over the number 4!

Next favorite is a little blue hot wheels car!  He used to always bring a hot wheels black truck, but this new blue one has taken its place.  We've spend a couple hours driving it all over the deck already!       He was also pretty excited about the water guns!  At first he thought they were bubble guns, but once we showed him how to use it he was hooked!  He loves soaking Daddy's shirt or sharing a couple guns & playing with the neighbor girls.  Such a fun toy for this hot summer!

The "big gift" was a B. Toys remote control car!  Liam only wants me or Conor to drive it and he just chases it around!  He always asks us to run into something so he can yell "ouch"!  Pretty funny stuff! Laureen & Tyson put so much thought into Liam's gift and truly picked out things just for him.  They were even sweet enough to sneak in some lipgloss & notecards for me!  Such a sweet surprise.

I have so much fun connecting with other bloggers like this.  Laureen has the cutest little family, and they are even adding a little girl to the mix this fall!  You should all go check out her blog now!  Liam & I sent a birthday present to Mason from Chasin' Mason.  Head over there to see what we sent his way.

And here are the other lovely mamas that participated in our little birthday exchange:

Ashley from Words About Waverly
Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique
Natasha from Schue Love

Happy Birthday to all these sweet July (and couple June) babies!
Hope you all are getting ready to celebrate Independence Day!


  1. I love this idea! Now I want to find some other bloggers with kids turning two this fall and do the same thing!

  2. So cute! That little B. Toys remote control car is SO cool! I had no idea they had that. And so cute Liam wants you guys to crash so he can say ouch! Might need to look into one for Mason's birthday! Thank you for our gift and thank you for participating in the exchange!

  3. Ahh. :) So glad he liked everything. And especially glad we were able to connect with you guys!! We thought that book looked so fun and perfect as it seemed to include all Liam's favorites. :) Hope it's a fun month celebrating your little guy!! Can you believe it's been two years..?!?!

  4. Awesome gift! I love it! Mac needs a car like that! Great ideas! Such a fun exchange!

  5. how cute how he likes to play with the remote car, haha. Love this exchange!

  6. Love him and his cute little haircut!!


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