Thursday, July 3, 2014

Things You Do in Montana

Hi all!  Just checking in midway way through our summer vacation.  We flew into Spokane on Saturday afternoon, stayed with my parents at their cabin for one night, and then drove to Conor's hometown of Bigfork, Montana the next day.  It's a four hour drive that I timed to coincide with Liam's naptime.  Except... he didn't nap.  Not even for a minute. Instead, Conor & I spent 4 hours pointing out every single pickup truck, semi truck, tanker truck, RV, camper, trailer, & boat trailer we saw on the road.  All of them!  If there was ever a lull in the vehicle department, Liam insisted on more as if Conor & I actually make them magically appear on the road.  If only, little L...if only.  It wasn't Liam's best travel day, but we made it safely and felt like we were truly on "holiday" right away!  Those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen about half of these photos, but they are some are my favorite highlights from our time in Montana, so here's your second dose.
First off: the food!  I say it each time we visit, but I honestly can't get enough of the food at the Keenan family restaurant, The Bigfork Inn.  I always eat my little heart out & have a full belly each night.  But the extra special part is that with all the helping hands of grandparents, aunt, uncles, & cousins, I actually ate a 3 course one sitting...without a toddler on my lap...along with a couple glasses of wine...and adult conversation.  That just never happens, it's pretty incredible when it does!  And then we finished each night with a trip to Sweet Peaks!  Liam had far more icecream than we ever should have allowed, but when your aunt & uncle own their own shop, you get to indulge!  And indulge we did!
Montana is such a beautiful place, especially Flathead lake.  We took a couple hikes up the Swan River where Liam found big sticks, threw rocks, & watched snakes.  Meanwhile I just took in the awe of everything around us.  My heart belongs in the Northwest; I can't get enough of the mountains, trees, & huge, crystal clear lake.  We spent some time on the pontoon boat & the shore so Liam could swim (he is a little water baby) and of course get in some more rock throwing.  His aim is a bit off, but distance is improving.

And it's not an authentic trip to Montana, without a little trek around the yard on a John Deere. 
It was big, loud and a little boy's dream. 
Our time in Montana was too short lived as always!  Today we drive back to Spirit Lake where we will be celebrating Independence Day!  I know Liam will be sad to leave and will surely be talking about Grandma, Grandpa & Grandpa's truck for days!


  1. I've always had Montana on my bucket list! It looks beautiful!

  2. Montana looks beautiful! I'm learning that I need to explore the US more! I'm jealous you were able to enjoy a full meal in one sitting!

  3. Awesome trip! We love Montana too! And how wonderful to have family there to help out and feed you! I'm so jealous of your trip!

  4. So fun, what a great vacation!! Family-owned restaurants sound awesome and delicious..!! :) That picture of Liam on the boat looking over the side is TOO cute, checking everything out, so serious.

  5. I've never been but Montana looks amazing and like the perfect place to spend the 4th! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  6. Montana looks beautiful! So glad you guys are having fun! That picture of Liam and his daddy on the tractor is a frame-er for sure!


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