Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Recap

We just had one of those perfect weekends.  
The ones where you don't have plans but manage to fill the days with tons of excitement!
Conor surprised us & came home from work early on Friday.
I had a girls night at book club.
Saturday morning was spent at the waterpark.
Liam is a fish and insists upon swimming on his own, 
whether or not he has on his floaties.
(Note: he cannot swim without his floaties)

Birthday party prep that afternoon.
I am about to have a 2 year old?  No way!
Then something magical...

Liam only woke up twice Saturday night!!!!

Sunday morning brunch of bacon & lemon poppyseed pancakes.
A little more Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping.
House projects, including the new stairs to our deck made by Conor.
(They still need flashing & a railing, but are otherwise functional)

Dinner on the deck with friends.
In the middle of a warm summer storm.
That quickly turned to a downpour, complete with thunder & lighting.

Lots of dancing in the rain.
A bonfire.
And much too late bedtime for little L.

We just can't get enough of his sweet face!
Or his kisses; he really lays them on!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! And yay for the improvement in sleep! Every little bit is huge!

  2. I love the new stairs! Presley is a little fish too and I swear I want to become a spokesmom for the puddle jumpers because THEY ARE BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!!!

  3. Love this post. Love weekends where we can slow it down and take it easy. Can't remember the last time when I had one though. That happens when you have two busy kiddos and huge families😉 you have a beautiful family!!!

  4. This really does sound like the perfect summer weekend!

  5. Sounds like such a great weekend!! Can't wait to have a porch again, and have dinner on it! ;)

  6. Sounds like a GREAT weekend!! :) Those stairs on the deck look great, good work!!

  7. Sounds like such a great weekend! Love when we have no plans and spontaneity comes in and it is just the most fun!

  8. that last picture is the cutest, and you had me at lemon poppyseed pancakes. I am a huge believer in fancy pancakes, I'm going to look into that variation! is it homemade or mix?


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