Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bear Face

Last weekend we were ready for a new hiking scene, so we made the drive up to Park City!  The Town Lift is a chairlift that you take right from downtown PC all the way up the mountains.  The ride up was a bit lengthy (30+ minutes), but the views were spectacular!  Liam was slightly squirmy but seemed to love being up so high!  We plan on putting him on his first pair of skis this winter, so we talked a lot about it on the ride up.  "Keep your tips up!"  It's actually a little nerve wracking to think of him being in full snow gear and on skis while getting on & off the lift in just a few short months!  However, I think he's ready!
The lift ends at an old mining community, which was fun to explore!  Liam loved watching the marmots run in & out of the buildings, all the while wanting to pet them...  There weren't many great hiking trails from the top (it's definitely more of a mountain biking destination), but we decided to follow a ski run for a bit just to let Liam run off all energy.  
And then we found it...  A little boy's dream...  The place where they store all the snowplows, snowmobiles, and any & all construction equipment!  His bright blue eyes widened and his smile was endless!  He oohed & ahhed and climbed all over them.  The bulldozer was the favorite, but the rows of snowplows were pretty magical too!  He could have stayed there for hours, just walking around and fully inspecting each vehicle!  Unfortunately we were a bit worried about missing the last chair ride back down, so we had to pry his little body away far earlier then he would have liked!

On the ride back down, we had a little mountain happy hour!
The best kind of happy hour!
We finished the night off at one of our favorite restaurants in PC, The Silver Star Cafe.  It's right at the base of a chair lift and has tons of outdoor seating, which is really any parent of a toddler's dream!  Liam could run around while we lounged and splurged on great food & drinks!  There was a huge bear statue (making a big scary face) near our table that Liam really liked, and then...  Oh and then... a young girl (maybe 16, maybe 20...hard to tell) decided she needed a selfie in front of said bear while making the same bear face!  Oh wow, did Liam think that was just hilarious!  He kept yelling BEAR FACE, BEAR FACE!!!  Conor & I could not control our laughter, so the poor girl was mortified.  She quickly headed inside the restaurant and just as we were finally relaxing our cheeks from all the laughing, she came back outside for more pictures!!!  The first must not have been up to her social media standards!  So once again, Liam heckled her with his nonstop BEAR FACE comments!  Literally anyone that was dining outside couldn't hold back their laughs while Liam just called this girl out!  Highlight of the night by far!  I know this is only the beginning of kids-say-the-darndest-things!


  1. Liam hit toddler jackpot with all those trucks! That's too funny he was heckling the teenage girl... Hahaha!

  2. WOW, looks like a lil boy's dream with those trucks. And how cute is he on the lift, can't wait to see him in his ski gear!

    BEAR FACE, too funny!

    have a great week.

  3. How fun!! Wow, that is a long ride on a chair lift but amazing views I'm sure!! :) Haha that is too funny, bear face!! That's why we have kids, right?! So they can say what we are all thinking!! ;)

  4. That chair just makes me nervous looking at it! And, definitely a little boy's dream come true with all the equipment! hahaha, bear face - that is priceless!

  5. that must have a been a great experience for him

  6. How much fun is this?! I want to join in next time! haha Great picture of the two of you on the lift! Totally frame worthy!

  7. WOW!! This looks like so much fun! We'll definitely be adding Utah to one of our must-visit states!

  8. this looks like so much fun, love the mountain happy hour lol


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