Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hike & Falls

I know, another hike post.  But honestly, these are the moments I want to remember.  We are trying to enjoy as much of Utah as we can while we live here, and anytime spent as a family of three is worth noting.  Last weekend we did a little hike up to Donut Falls.  As soon as we were driving up the canyon, a downpour started.  Huge bummer, but since it was plenty warm outside, we decided to hike regardless!  It only made for a more exciting adventure!  It was a relatively short, toddler approved hike, so we of course had to do some of our own trailblazing as well.
Liam seemed happy as could be riding in the pack, while Conor & I got a mini workout in.  The falls were beautiful, but we were determined to get a view from a high vantage point, so we could actually see the water cascading down through a hole in the mountain side (hence the donut name)!  As long as we are hiking to a water source, Liam is all about it.
Osprey Carrier 
 However, Donut Falls was not the only fall Conor saw that day...  The bottom of the falls is very busy & just full of people.  I was a bit frustrated trying to walk behind slower people, so I decided to take a steep detour down a rock cliff towards the water.  The rocks were slippery from all the rain, & I was feeling particularly cocky.  I took a big jump, tried to stick the landing and instead ended up in the stream, covered in dirt & water.  In front of at least 20 people!  Shameless, completely shameless.  No blood, but plenty of scratches & bruises.  Conor showed an equal amount of concern & laughter.
I dried off as best I could (during a rain storm) while we searched for the perfect rock throwing spot!  We finished out the early evening looking for the biggest rocks Liam could lift & a few skippers too!  Then it was back to the car for a post hike adult beverages!  I was a bit battered from my fall, but my ego was perfectly intact... Another successful hike!  Next time (today) perhaps, we are going to try for a longer hike since Liam seems to be enjoying them as much as we are!


  1. oh man, that is part funny part lame! But, hey as long as you are okay and didn't really mind anyway =) I love all the hikes you guys go on! Keep em coming. They look like a lot of fun family time.

  2. We can laugh about it since you are okay! I'd be the slow person you were trying to get around ;). It's nice to get a hike/workout in with Liam. How is it going with the gym and him in the gym daycare?

  3. oh my gosh, you poor thing! thank goodness you are ok. i probably would have done the same thing with slow people haha.

  4. Slow walkers drive me crazy too, so I would've been right there in the water with ya!! :) Sounds like a great hike!!

  5. This sounds like so much fun!!!! :)

  6. Liam seriously looks beyond happy in his carrier during the hike! Love that ya'll live so close to such natural beauties! Perfect for family memories. Glad to hear the fall didn't bruise your ego much. ;)


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