Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Favorite Things: Months 21-24

I wanted to make sure to finish out "my favorite things" series, 
so here are the items that Liam (and I) have been loving the last few months:

1. Monkey Backpack: We received this as a gift, and to be honest, I thought it was a little obnoxious at first!  But Liam has loved it since he first laid eyes on upon it!  The backpack & monkey are oh so soft!  The pack is the perfect size for little L, but can surprisingly hold quite a bit.  It definitely makes the daily trip to the mailbox with us!  The wheels come off, so it can simply be a backpack; however, Liam prefers to push it around.  Already a little nerd! :-)

2. Dyson Toy Vacuum:  This is adorable & looks exactly like the real deal!  It has an easy to push on/off switch that makes a subtle white noise.  It's not obnoxiously loud, so I can tolerate it!  Liam pushes this all over the house, multiple times a day!  He has always been my little cleaner!

3. Magformers:  Our neighbors have a set of these, as does the Children's Museum!  Liam isn't exactly an expert builder yet, but he still loves snapping them together and taking them apart!  Everyone once in awhile he will build a "house"...  It is so fun to watch his imagination grow!

4. John Deere Pickup Set:  I really could have put any car, truck, train, airplane, etc. here, although this particular one does seems to be a favorite!  L likes to store things in the back of the pickup truck and occasionally will practice putting the tractor on the trailer!

5. Melissa & Doug Construction Site Puzzle:  Again, I really could have put almost any puzzle here, but this one is great!  The pieces fit in the wooden frame, which is nice for assembly.  Wooden puzzles are much better because the corners don't get as scuffed up with each use!

6. Broom Set:  Another cleaning item, I know!  But this broom is the perfect size for Liam.  He always wanted to use my broom, but it was so heavy for him.  Plus I always worried about him swiping things off my counters with the top of the stick.  L is perfectly happy with his own version now, and continues to love helping me sweet up any mess!

Any fun new things I need for Liam as he head's into the twos?!
Isn't never too early to start a little Christmas shopping...


  1. Noah loves his vacuum and john Deere trucks! I think I might need to add the broom to the list. He loves to help clean!

  2. Great list!!! I love that you have a little cleaner on your hands, too!! I literally can't sweep without Cam wanting to help/push dirt around...haha!! LOVE this age :)

  3. I've seen those Magformers before and thought they were cool! You guys did so great with a gift that Mason loved for his birthday that we might need to try these out!

  4. i got really excited about the vacuum lol. i probably still wouldnt even be able to afford that dyson ;)

  5. Fun!! I'm looking for some good toys/activities for T once the baby gets here and I think those Magformers might be just the thing (except I can see the Mr. taking over playing with them)!! :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lily loves "cleaning" right now too. I'm hoping this stage sticks for awhile ;) great list mama!

  7. Magformers! good idea! The broom set is a big hit with Aria. It may be the only thing she actually asks for by name when it isn't in sight.


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