Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh hey, Friday

Conor has been out of town for two days, so now that he is home, this Friday is just a bit sweeter!  We have an awesome 6 mile hike planned this weekend that I am really looking forward to!  Here's my weekly five; thanks to the two beautiful hosts Karli & Amy!


After hearing (thanks to Katie) that J.Crew brought back this coveted vest from last winter, I made an immediate purchase!  I can't wait for it to arrive and some cooler weather as well!

My other favorite purchase this week was this pair of TOMS for Liam!  They are currently have a 25% off back to school sale; thanks to Cat for sharing this deal!  Apparently my blog reading list is fueling my shopping habit, oops!

This chicken recipe is made with a boursin sauce and is to die for!  It is super easy, so you all should make it ASAP!

How adorable are these ghost cookies?!  You simply use a tulip cookie cutter which I just happen to have leftover from Easter!  I will hold off until October to actually make them, but I'm excited nonetheless.  Maybe I will perfect my frosting recipe in the meantime!

We are seriously obsessed with Little Blue Truck in the Keenan house, so when I spotted this 
Fall sticker book I knew Liam would love it.  Maybe a first day of Fall surprise?!  Also, if you haven't already pre-ordered Little Blue Truck's Christmas, then you should ASAP!  I got an email that it will be shipping soon, and I cannot wait!  First official Christmas present has been purchased!

T.G.I.F. friends!
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  1. Those Toms are the cutest things ever!! Have a great weekend!

  2. That chicken looks delicious, YUM!!!

    What a cute book! Happy Friday!

  3. We LOVE Little Blue Truck!! Thanks for the heads up. :) And that vest....LOVE!! I am going to swing by our outlets to see if they have it in stock...fingers crossed!

  4. GAH I can't wait for the Christmas Little Blue Truck book to arrive. I pre-ordered it forever ago -- I'm not sure who will be more excited to read it, me or O! I love those cute little TOMS! Have a nice weekend!

  5. ahhh that vest!! Win for the day for sure- I HAVE to treat myself! I'm definitely pinning that chicken recipe for future use too! Have a greet weekend & hike ya'll!! xoxo

  6. Thanks for the heads up on the LBT Christmas book! I'll definitely be pre-ordering that! And that sticker book is adorable, maybe a good "hospital must-have" for Wyatt! Have a great hike this weekend!

  7. Those ghost cookies are adorrrrrable! Ah! I'm not ready for summer to end but at the same time, I'm getting SO excited for fall!
    I must get that book for Mia! (She get's "Girl" and "Boy" books and toys, ha ha!)

  8. We heart Little Blue Truck over here, too!! SO excited to hear there is a Christmas story coming out! And a sticker book?? Little man is still in the "I eat stickers" phase, so maybe I'll hold off on that one ;) I think I have that tulip cookie cutter - I totally need to check! Have you tried the baby Toms before?

  9. Oh my gosh! I love this whole post! Where to start? That vest is so cute! If it ever got below 65 degrees here, I would so buy it! Those TOMS are adorable! And those ghost cookies are too! How smart to just use a tulip cookie cutter! And most importantly... Little Blue Truck sticker book??? You introduced me to the Christmas book (thank you!) and now I just may have to purchase the sticker book too!

  10. That vest is going to be such a good buy!!
    Love Liam's new TOMS!
    And I must have a tulip cookie cutter now for its dual purpose :) :)

  11. Oh I'm so jealous you got the vest!! I have no idea why they just cancelled my order.. grrr. Hope you guys had a great weekend! :)

  12. tulip ghost cookies I love it!!! mmm I love boursin, I bet that tastes awesome on chicken. Yes, blogs definitely don't help in the shopping!! Or maybe they do when you can snag a deal =) it's a toss up!

  13. ALWAYS great to have the Mr/Dad back home!!
    Great stuff!! I'm trying to decide if I 'need' that vest or not.. :)

  14. I have been eyeing that J Crew vest for some time now... I think I need it!


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