Monday, August 25, 2014

Ridin' Solo

Conor was on a business trip for two whole days last week.  That is sun up to sun down of solo parenting.  Just me and the toddler.  And these days are tough on me.  They are getting easier as Liam gets older, but I still dread those business trips.  I give everything to Liam, everything to motherhood; so, I find that I am a much better mother when I have the opportunity to recharge when Conor gets home from work.  Two days of being on the clock constantly are a bit tiresome.  But that's enough complaining for one post!

There are two approaches to solo parent days: survival mode (don't leave the house, get nothing accomplished) & stay out of the house as much as possible.  I always choose the latter.  Our days seem to move ever so slowly when we stay home, so instead I pack our days full of activities and try to only be home for a nap & bedtime.  In the summer, it is far easier to accomplish this!

On Wednesday morning we woke up to the sweetest notes from Conor, one for each of us.
And see those beautiful dahlias?  Cut from my own garden!
They are quickly becoming one of my new favorite flowers!

On our agenda for the two days was a hike, the zoo, the children's museum, smoothie dates, & plenty of time just running around outside!  This was by far Liam & my best solo days together; however, there were plenty of "daddy come home"s throughout the days (from both of us)!

One thing I haven't done in months is give Liam a bath.  Conor has taken over this role, so I use that time instead to clean up the house, blog, or just lay down a relax for a bit.  I look forward to that half hour each day!  They have quite the routine down (which I am not in the know), so Liam told me exactly how bath time was supposed to go.  He practically could have given himself one!  I actually treasured this time with Liam, since it's something we haven't done together for awhile.  He loves the bath; it is where he is his silliest self!

Each night we picked out books (I said one, he wanted three, so we settled on two...he's already working me over) and cozied up in his bed!  He has been sitting for longer & longer books these days which really helps him relax before bed.  Our current favorites are Blueberries for Sal (one of my childhood favorites) & SkippyJon Jones!  And guess what?!  Little L has been sleeping for 7-8 hours straight for a few nights now!  It's been magical!

While our two days were very sweet, I am hopeful that there will be no more business trips in our immediate future.  I prefer having our whole little family together as much as possible!


  1. Ummmm, those notes and the flowers are so precious. I mean, swoon!

    HOORAY for 7-8 hours of sleep :)!!!!! Have a great week.

  2. Those business trips can definitely be terrifying. I feel like it is such an accomplishment to make it until daddy returns. Our goal is to keep a packed schedule too! It truly helps! Glad ya'll survived. So sweet to wake up to some encouragement too! :)

  3. Thankfully Seth's job doesn't involve travel. I don't know how I would do with that. I so agree with you. While I LOVE my time alone with Mason, it is definitely nice to have a partner in crime. Sounds like you guys had a great time together though! YAY for longer sleeps at night!

  4. Your dahlia is gorgeous! One of my favorites too :) Glad Liam is sleeping better, and that it coincided with your husband's trip. I don't do bath time very often either and it is really fun to do it once in a while!

  5. I'm so jealous of your 7-8 hour stretch! Hopefully one day Noah will do that again too!

    Solo parenting can be rough. Chris wasn't away on business but I felt like a solo parent since he wasn't getting home until 10:30 many nights. I agree with you and prefer to be out other than for nap and bedtime. It looks like you guys had fun :)

  6. Love that last picture of him in the tub! So cute! Glad you survived your solo parenting days, I always hate it when my husband is gone for work.. can't imagine doing it with a child, too!

  7. Yay for sleep!! I know it makes you feel like a completely new person! :) Those days without help definitely make for long ones. Glad C is home now!

  8. I loooove dahlias, yours look beautiful!! That's so nice to be able to have your own available to cut and bring in.
    Oh man, having Dad gone is tough. Good job making it through so smoothly it sounds!! :)

  9. My husband is going to India for a work trip for 2 weeks in September. I'm definitely not looking forward to that! Lots of bath time is in my future!

    1. Two weeks?! Oh my! I hope Carter is on his very best behavior for you!

  10. Solo parenting is hard! That extra set of hands and eyes is so helpful. Glad you survived and spent your two days doing all the things non stop! Chris took over bathes too, but I missed them too much so I sneak in a shower with Aria a few times a week too.


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