Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Struggle is Real

We had a nap time battle today.
And mama really needed a nap.
Liam is stubborn.
But so is his mama...

After two hours of laying in his bed in a dark room,
I finally convinced him we would not be leaving said room
until a nap was had.
They call that perseverance.  
Sweet victory was mine!

The struggle is real.

(I liked writing up this short & sweet post so much
that it might become a regular thing!)


  1. Oh I've had those battles before but I unfortunately usually lose :(

  2. I never win those!! Way to win one! I'm just glad it doesn't happen often.phew

  3. Way to hold strong mama!!!! I enjoyed the short story too! ;)

  4. Good job mama!!! Seth had that battle yesterday while I was at work. He thought he won but the win only lasted for 20 minutes. I believe the score was Mason - 16, Daddy - 0. Poor daddy.

  5. So funny, I'm not as stubborn as my daughter, she always wins.

    1. I'm too competitive, I must win! I have never had a no nap day!


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