Monday, September 29, 2014


We are overjoyed to announce that the Keenan family is expecting baby #2!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday

Friday is here, the weather is supposed to cool down again, and I plan on rocking some leggings & scarves all weekend!  Let's get to my (not so) weekly five; thanks to the two beautiful hosts Karli & Amy!


An old friend of mine has opened up an etsy shop (littleHEMdesigns) and is selling the most adorable dreamcatcher mobiles!  I am obsessed with them!  They would be the perfect addition to any nursery or playroom.  I think I see one making it's way to Liam's room soon...

My friend Heather took this picture of Liam on one of our hikes this week.  It's so simple, but I love how he is looking right at her (hard for me to accomplish with a camera) and all the colors behind him!

I received my 2nd Stitch Fix this week but you won't be seeing a post about it, because it was awful! I anxiously waited all month for it, and then womp womp!  I was super bummed since I really enjoyed my first fix.  I think I'm going to give it another month and hope that this one was just a fluke...

I am in need of a new iPhone case and am seriously considering this Kate Spade one!  I just love it so much, but fear I would be over it in a hot second!

Last Saturday, Conor took Liam to the aquarium while I was having a massage downtown (I'm a lucky gal)!  Anyways, L is obsessed with all the sting rays; there is even a spot where you can touch them).  So Conor purchased Liam his own little stuffed sting ray named Steve, and it is love!

T.G.I.F. friends!
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Decor Favorites

Happy 1st official day of Fall!  I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of this year's decor items that are catching my eye!  I like my decor to work from September through November, so I try to keep it simple and avoid anything super Halloween-y.  I typically only purchase one new decor item a season (otherwise things could get a little out of hand), and I have yet to make this year's decision.  I am particularly in love with that wreath, but not so much the price tag...especially since a wreath won't hold up as well over the years as some other things will!

1. pumpkin candle / 2. wheat wreath / 3.  pumpkin tureen
4.  pumpkin tea light holder / 5.  leaves candle / 6.  burlap owl

Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oktoberfest at Snowbird

The Keenan Family has been so busy lately, that I have barely had time to keep up with all our adventures on the blog!  I'm a bit behind, so I am only now talking about our Snowbird getaway that we took 2 weekends ago.  We had so much fun at Oktoberfest last year, that we decided to make it an overnight event this time!  We rented a condo with two other families and set out for our mini vacation only 30 minutes away...  

Everything in Utah is family friendly, so Oktoberfest is no exception!  While the adults are sipping their liter steins full of beer, the little ones are in & out of bounce houses and all over the rides!  Since we were fresh off our visit to the fair, Liam was pumped for an opportunity to do some more crazy rides with Daddy!  While Liam continues to be a just a tad too short for a few things, we still sneak him on somehow.  He did a mountain coaster & alpine slide, squealing the whole way down each time!

After we sufficiently wore out the kids, we took them back to the condo where we made a quick dinner for the little ones before heading out for an adults only affair.  We loaded them up with popcorn & a movie (Liam was just thrilled to be included with all the older ones), and left the eldest one in charge.  Then it was a kid-free fancy dinner for us!  I knew Liam was with all his friends and in good hands, so I was truly able to relax & enjoy myself.  I love that we are getting more of these opportunities as Liam gets older!

The next morning we filled up on brunch & then hit the outdoor heated swimming pool!  
It was breathtaking to be in a warm pool & taking in all the surrounding views.
Utah, you get more beautiful each & every day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Unofficial Start of Fall

We've had little glimpses of Fall here in Utah, but they have been brief.  I've been able to bust out scarves, sweaters, & boots on a few occasions, but...this week we're back in the 90s.  That is just far too hot for September; I'm hoping it doesn't last.  When it gets too hot in the valley, Liam & I always head straight for the mountains!

We meet with a play group (forest school actually - more on this at another time) twice a week up in Park City, where we get in a little escape.  And it is full blown Fall up there!  The leaves have been turning into beautiful oranges, yellows, & reds for a couple of weeks now!  Liam is all about the crunchy leaves that litter the trails.  I can barely get him to keep hiking when there are leaves to be thrown, crushed, & jumped in everywhere we walk.  

On Monday, we checked out a new trail where the colors were particularly vibrant.  Liam has been much more independent lately, so it is fun to just sit back and watch him explore.  He seemed just as in awe of everything as I was.  I could have taken picture after picture, but instead I tried to capture a few moments and put my camera away.

While Fall is Utah is beautiful (and everyone here will tell you so), I still think it doesn't quite rival Fall on the East Coast.  I am always nostalgic for Delaware around this time of year!
Anywhoo, Fall is here so bring on pumpkin everything!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Night at the Fair

My boy loves the fair!  L.O.V.E.S.  He's all about the animals; we spent hours looking over every chicken, turkey, bunny (floppy ears are the best), cow (even pet a baby), pig, sheep, and all other farm animals that you can find at the fair.  He has a tender heart and a soft spot for anything that he can possibly pet.  And he wants to pet everything!

He also pretty fond of the rides!  He is our official ticket holder and takes that job very seriously.  He has a fearless side and is willing to try anything.  He flew a helicopter, drove a monster truck, & even snuck onto the roller coaster that he was a couple inches short for!  His crazy scream & wild smile were so contagious!  My Liam is definitely a thrill seeker.  

And when things just couldn't get any better, we told him we were going to ride the "big one"!  The big wheel that goes around & around!  He took in the sunset and tried to lean as far over the edge as his mama would let him.   The ferris wheel has always been one of my favorites, and those few minutes spent going around with my little family were the best!  It was a simple moment, but one that made my heart happy!  Oh so happy!

We ended our night with a treat!  Caramel apples are my favorite fair food and seemed like a slightly healthy option to share with Liam; however, L just ate all that caramel right off and left me with the apple.  That sweet tooth comes straight from me!  We then danced to some live music and stayed as long as Liam's little legs would hold up.

As we were walking out through the gates, Liam gave us a huge smile and said "the fair is fun!"
Yes little boy, the fair is fun.
Just a few brief words that made the whole night that much more incredible!
I already can't wait 'til next year!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I love surprises, love 'em!  
And today Liam & I woke up to a sweet little surprise from the sneakiest dad around...

Liam rolled out of bed around 7:30 (which is far too early for my liking) and crawled back in with a stick of grape laffy taffy (one of my favorite) asking, "What's this mommy? What's this?!"  If you know me, you know that I frequently have candy sitting on my night stand, so laffy taffy before 8 am sounds amazing!  We then wandered out of bed and found the rest of our surprise on the kitchen table!  A sweet note, a brand spanking new drawing book, & watercolor paints!

Liam has been wanting to paint all day lately!  But it's a bit of a production since we only had actual paints before today.  Watercolor!  Why didn't I think of this?!  Liam loved it!  He played with it for a solid 45 minutes before I insisted upon breakfast & a clean diaper.  I think we will be elbows deep in watercolor all day, and that just sounds perfect to me!

I really snatched up a good one in Conor!
Thanks for making our Thursday a little extra special Daddy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's the Little Things date night!

This is something that Conor & I so rarely do, which makes it even more special.  I love any occasion to throw on a short dress (that is neither toddler nor nursing friendly) and a pair of heels!
Last Thursday, we went to La Caille for the first time.  It is this beautiful french restaurant tucked into the base of the mountains.  It sits on 20 beautiful acres of vineyards, orchards, & ponds.  We strolled through the grounds after dinner and soaked up every last minute of "us" time.  It truly felt like a little getaway, even though we were only about 15 minutes from home.

Thanks to Ashley & Jess for the link up!

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Exciting Family News

Some will be overjoyed, some will be disappointed, & some of you could really care less... BUT...  We are officially staying in Utah for a few more years!  Today Conor accepted a new position with his company that will keep us in Utah for this next stage of his career.  I am so proud of Conor and all his hard work as he continues to grow and excel in his career.  He is the sole provider for our family, and for that Liam & I are so very grateful.

While I am excited for Conor's accomplishments, the decision is still a bit bittersweet.  We are so happy to be able to stay in a neighborhood that we love and close to all the friends that we have made this past year and a half!  We have really become part of the community here and feel like we are just now experiencing and embracing all the adventure that Utah has to offer.  However, our hearts will always ache for family... back in the Pacific Northwest.  While all the moving & adventures over the past 6 years have been exciting and we have made friends and memories to last a lifetime, I am feeling ever so ready to make those long term plans.  I want that "20 year home".  I want to be established when Liam starts school.  I want to know where I'm going to be living past the next 2, 5, 10+ years.  I know that we will get there eventually, so for now I am just enjoying this wild and crazy ride.  

 It's a good thing I kinda like you, Utah, 
because this will be the one place we have lived the longest together!  
(Previously Delaware: 2 years)
Our roots just grew a little deeper.

(Old photo but it shows the mountains we have grown to love so much)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday

We have no plans for this weekend, and sometimes those are the best kind of weekends.  Football season is here (yay for the Seahawks win last night), so I see a few games & some house projects in our future.  We also might do another last minute camping trip on Saturday night.  We'll see how the weather pans out and if we have the energy for it!  Here's my weekly five; thanks to the two beautiful hosts Karli & Amy!


I have a hair appointment today, and I'm thinking about changing things up!  Just ever so slightly though.  I've been rocking the exact same hair for a good 4+ years now...  My natural color seems to be getting darker & darker with age, so I'm considering going "bronde".  This photo is my inspiration; we'll see if I actually go through with it.  I get so nervous to do things differently!

September is here, so it's time for a desktop wallpaper update.  This one is my favorite.

I saw this on Instagram last week and thought it was absolutely hilarious!

I have been very very slowly, like S. L. O. W. L. Y. updating Liam's nursery to be more of a big kid room.  I want to take down a few of his newborn photos, and instead add some artwork.  I love the idea of adding some maps to his room, so I'm been looking for some of Seattle (Liam's birthplace).  I love this watercolor one, but it's not exactly the colors I'm looking for.  Maybe we'll use this in a bathroom...

The Utah state fair started yesterday, so we will be planning a visit soon.  Maybe even tonight; I believe the fair is best experienced at night!

T.G.I.F. friends!
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Backpackin' It In

This Labor Day weekend we took Liam on his very 1st camping trip!  He has loved all of our hiking adventures, so we were pretty convinced that he would love sleeping in the mountains.  However, in true Laura fashion, I still had plenty of anxiety about the whole thing!  Partly because we decided to go all out backpacking versus the typical car-side camping. We decided to set up camp at the last lake on the four lake hike we did the previous weekend, which meant that we packed in all of our gear on a ~2.5 mile, 1,100 vertical ft hike to the lake!  Conor had Liam in our Osprey pack with our tent and some of the heavier gear while I handled the rest!  This is the first time that either of us have really wilderness camped, so that made it an extra special expedition for us all!  Our friend Joel also joined us, as we sorta talked each other into the adventure. He had some extra gear that we did not, which made me feel a bit more prepared then perhaps I would have been otherwise.

Tents were pitched.  Wood was gathered.  A campfire started.  A deer was spotted.  Camp stoves were fired up. MRE's were devoured.  Stories were told.  Toddlers were exhausted.  Long underwear was worn.  

Sleeping bags were cozy.  Silence was embraced. Sleep was minimal.  Sunrise was beautiful.

Bags were repacked.  Shoulders were sore.
Memories were made.  

And I didn't pee on myself...  Not once! :-)

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