Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Backpackin' It In

This Labor Day weekend we took Liam on his very 1st camping trip!  He has loved all of our hiking adventures, so we were pretty convinced that he would love sleeping in the mountains.  However, in true Laura fashion, I still had plenty of anxiety about the whole thing!  Partly because we decided to go all out backpacking versus the typical car-side camping. We decided to set up camp at the last lake on the four lake hike we did the previous weekend, which meant that we packed in all of our gear on a ~2.5 mile, 1,100 vertical ft hike to the lake!  Conor had Liam in our Osprey pack with our tent and some of the heavier gear while I handled the rest!  This is the first time that either of us have really wilderness camped, so that made it an extra special expedition for us all!  Our friend Joel also joined us, as we sorta talked each other into the adventure. He had some extra gear that we did not, which made me feel a bit more prepared then perhaps I would have been otherwise.

Tents were pitched.  Wood was gathered.  A campfire started.  A deer was spotted.  Camp stoves were fired up. MRE's were devoured.  Stories were told.  Toddlers were exhausted.  Long underwear was worn.  

Sleeping bags were cozy.  Silence was embraced. Sleep was minimal.  Sunrise was beautiful.

Bags were repacked.  Shoulders were sore.
Memories were made.  

And I didn't pee on myself...  Not once! :-)


  1. looks wonderful!!! Where was this you guys went?

  2. hahaha glad you didnt pee on yourself ;) looks so fun! i would love to take my future kids camping, i havent been in years but i loved it as a kid!

  3. Love the pictures! Looks like it was successful camping trip! Such a fun way to spend Labor Day weekend :)

  4. Sounds like a successful camping trip! Great pictures!

  5. How fun, success indeed!! That's pretty hardcore backpacking all your stuff + toddler. I'm impressed!! :)

  6. Looks like so much fun!! I always find camping to be exhausting, even without little ones. Maybe by next fall we'll be ready to conquer the outdoors with two little ones.

  7. oh gosh I love this! I can't imagine having to carry all your gear in and back out. Totally what my husband did all growing up. I bet it is something to experience though. Esp not in FL...with all the bugs and hotness.


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