Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Exciting Family News

Some will be overjoyed, some will be disappointed, & some of you could really care less... BUT...  We are officially staying in Utah for a few more years!  Today Conor accepted a new position with his company that will keep us in Utah for this next stage of his career.  I am so proud of Conor and all his hard work as he continues to grow and excel in his career.  He is the sole provider for our family, and for that Liam & I are so very grateful.

While I am excited for Conor's accomplishments, the decision is still a bit bittersweet.  We are so happy to be able to stay in a neighborhood that we love and close to all the friends that we have made this past year and a half!  We have really become part of the community here and feel like we are just now experiencing and embracing all the adventure that Utah has to offer.  However, our hearts will always ache for family... back in the Pacific Northwest.  While all the moving & adventures over the past 6 years have been exciting and we have made friends and memories to last a lifetime, I am feeling ever so ready to make those long term plans.  I want that "20 year home".  I want to be established when Liam starts school.  I want to know where I'm going to be living past the next 2, 5, 10+ years.  I know that we will get there eventually, so for now I am just enjoying this wild and crazy ride.  

 It's a good thing I kinda like you, Utah, 
because this will be the one place we have lived the longest together!  
(Previously Delaware: 2 years)
Our roots just grew a little deeper.

(Old photo but it shows the mountains we have grown to love so much)


  1. Congrats! It's always nice to know where you'll be for the next little while! I felt in limbo until we bought our house!

  2. Well that's good news! I mean..seriously, if you can avoid packing up and moving an entire home with a toddler than cheers! I do get your concern though... it'll happen! Adore that family pic girl! Frame-worthy for sure! xoxo

  3. Awwwww, congrats, lady! That is super exciting for your husband and your family!!!!

  4. Congrats!! That's so exciting for you all!

  5. How exciting for you guys. :) Congratulations!!
    Where you are now seems like such a versatile and beautiful place (from what I've seen here). Enjoy!!

  6. You should probably just move back to Delaware...!!!

    1. Probably! I have been so nostalgic for the east coast lately! Especially during Fall! :-)

  7. congratulations!!! i'm excited for you guys!

  8. Yay, congrats!!!!! So exciting! And love that picture!!

  9. That is exciting! It is good to know. Congrats! Now you can really embrace Utah a bit more before settling down and having those roots.

  10. I'm glad you're happy about it! Like you said, enjoy the ride sweet mama. It's so worth it, even if it's a bit of a nail-biter.

  11. Very exciting!! Looks like such a beautiful place!

  12. Congratulations!!! We are currently in a transitionary time in our lives and its so scary not to know. Things aren't really in motion but are still kinda in motion where its scary and uncertain enough for me. So, so nice to have some firm plans! And congrats to your hubby on his promotion!


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