Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday

Friday is here, the weather is supposed to cool down again, and I plan on rocking some leggings & scarves all weekend!  Let's get to my (not so) weekly five; thanks to the two beautiful hosts Karli & Amy!


An old friend of mine has opened up an etsy shop (littleHEMdesigns) and is selling the most adorable dreamcatcher mobiles!  I am obsessed with them!  They would be the perfect addition to any nursery or playroom.  I think I see one making it's way to Liam's room soon...

My friend Heather took this picture of Liam on one of our hikes this week.  It's so simple, but I love how he is looking right at her (hard for me to accomplish with a camera) and all the colors behind him!

I received my 2nd Stitch Fix this week but you won't be seeing a post about it, because it was awful! I anxiously waited all month for it, and then womp womp!  I was super bummed since I really enjoyed my first fix.  I think I'm going to give it another month and hope that this one was just a fluke...

I am in need of a new iPhone case and am seriously considering this Kate Spade one!  I just love it so much, but fear I would be over it in a hot second!

Last Saturday, Conor took Liam to the aquarium while I was having a massage downtown (I'm a lucky gal)!  Anyways, L is obsessed with all the sting rays; there is even a spot where you can touch them).  So Conor purchased Liam his own little stuffed sting ray named Steve, and it is love!

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  1. Omg I have to have one of those mobiles! So cute!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the pictures of your son--so cute :) You can tell he's definitely in love with that sting ray stuffed animal!

  3. Liam is adorable, I love his bright blonde hair! That picture is definitely one for a frame!

  4. Stopping in from the link-up... Aww, I love that picture of Liam with the stingray! Our boys have a soft spot for animals too, and they love the zoo. Happy Friday!

  5. Oh no about stitch fix! Hopefully next month will be better!

  6. Such a bummer about your stitch fix this month! That would definitely be a let down. :( Hopefully next month is better. I've thought about signing up for it, but can't make up my mind.

  7. that kate spade iphone case is super cute - do it! that sucks about stitch fix, makes me kinda glad i didnt sign up! i cant handle that kind of disappointment!

  8. I hated my second fix too, but since then I've found at least one great staple in each of them. Mine's on hold right now since I actually have clothing I have to buy right now (family photo outfit, vegas clothes, etc) but I'm oping to be back to it soon!

  9. Lucky mama with that massage! I've been dying for one for months. They are so wonderful! Hope you enjoyed yours :) That picture of Liam with his sting ray is so cute though! We went to the aquarium a couple weeks ago and Mason touched a jelly fish. Boys... so fearless!

  10. He looks so cute and happy with his new stuffed stingray! And that's too bad that StitchFix didn't get it right this time!

  11. Aria has just recently entered this phase of finding stuffed animals and grabbing one or two off the shelf (at the store) and giving them huge hugs with THE biggest smiles. It is SO cute. She has a whole shelf full of stuffed animals that she could not care less about. I'm always so tempted to get her these ones she picks out, but I figure they will all go the way of the already owned stuffies. Steve is a super cute stingray =)


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