Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oktoberfest at Snowbird

The Keenan Family has been so busy lately, that I have barely had time to keep up with all our adventures on the blog!  I'm a bit behind, so I am only now talking about our Snowbird getaway that we took 2 weekends ago.  We had so much fun at Oktoberfest last year, that we decided to make it an overnight event this time!  We rented a condo with two other families and set out for our mini vacation only 30 minutes away...  

Everything in Utah is family friendly, so Oktoberfest is no exception!  While the adults are sipping their liter steins full of beer, the little ones are in & out of bounce houses and all over the rides!  Since we were fresh off our visit to the fair, Liam was pumped for an opportunity to do some more crazy rides with Daddy!  While Liam continues to be a just a tad too short for a few things, we still sneak him on somehow.  He did a mountain coaster & alpine slide, squealing the whole way down each time!

After we sufficiently wore out the kids, we took them back to the condo where we made a quick dinner for the little ones before heading out for an adults only affair.  We loaded them up with popcorn & a movie (Liam was just thrilled to be included with all the older ones), and left the eldest one in charge.  Then it was a kid-free fancy dinner for us!  I knew Liam was with all his friends and in good hands, so I was truly able to relax & enjoy myself.  I love that we are getting more of these opportunities as Liam gets older!

The next morning we filled up on brunch & then hit the outdoor heated swimming pool!  
It was breathtaking to be in a warm pool & taking in all the surrounding views.
Utah, you get more beautiful each & every day!


  1. Bliss! Great pictures :)

  2. That's so cool how brave Liam is on all those rides! I love this time of year and all the activities. Sometimes I think our fall is busier than the summer!

  3. How fun - sounds like a perfect weekend, beer + family!! :)

  4. I just love your area as weird as that sounds! So many fun things and such pretty 'scenic' pictures! Love this!

  5. You had me at outdoor heated swimming pool! Sign me up! I adore that. I've always thought it was so neat to hop in a hot pool with snow around. Just not getting out. I've never done it myself. Sounds like an excellent mini getaway. I'd love to pull my friends into something like this but my gosh who can ever find a day that works for everybody!! geesh

  6. You guys look like you had the BEST time! That place looks so awesome. I wish we had something like that! Did Liam and Conor go on a louge type thing? What a brave little boy! Such a fun getaway in your own backyard!


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