Monday, October 27, 2014

13 Weeks (Bump #2)

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs.  I wasn't up 5 lbs until 20 weeks with Liam!  But I know my body is still working its way towards a healthy weight, and I'm still far below my pre-pregnancy weight with L.

Symptoms: My energy is back!  I am shocked at what a difference just a week made!  Still a bit of nausea, but hopefully that is gone quickly too!  The 2nd trimester is off to a great start!

Gender Predictions:  At my midwife appointment, the baby's heart rate was 161 which is in the girl range!  Although it's far too early for that to be very telling, it's still fun to think about.  My midwife group is pretty strict about no anatomy ultrasounds until 19 weeks, so the earliest we could find out will be December 6th.  I guess my Black Friday shopping will have to be gender neutral.

Sleep?  Still not great.  Hoping some of the insomnia passes soon...

Miss Anything?  I don't really feel like I'm "missing" much this time around.  I love being pregnant and am just trying to enjoy every little bit of it!

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Fruit is still the craving!  No huge aversions right now, but I still don't have much of an appetite.

Staying Active?  Eek only 2 workouts this week!  Having company in town is definitely throwing me off.  So is Liam's later than usual nap time.  Excuses, excuses.  Hoping next week I'll be back to at least 4 workouts a week!

Cries: 1.  It was about Christmas.  We are trying to make plans on whether or not to travel and see family for the holidays.  Typically we do, but each year I feel more strongly about going to sleep in own beds on Christmas Eve and being able to spend the holiday at home.  But I would miss my family terribly!  This is the hardest time of year to live away!!!

Liam's Thoughts:  Our friends who stayed with us this week have a 4 month old, and Liam was just smitten with her!  He was so sweet about bringing her toys and just laying on the ground with her.  He was so gentle and loved when she smiled!  I truly think he is going to be the best big brother!

Looking Forward to: Halloween!  I need to finish Liam's costume ASAP!  And I may even dress up my little tummy this year as a mummy!


  1. The sweetest!!! Glad you are feeling better!!

  2. Love how sweet Liam was to the baby. He is going to be an amazing big brother! I agree about the holidays being hard when you live away from home. My family has the best traditions. I get so sad knowing everyone is around except us but I also love starting our own traditions and waking up in out home on Christmas morning. Although, we have discussed going home the week after or so this year since I'm sure traveling will be less frequent with two in tow. Maybe y'all could consider an alternative like that? I'm sure it'll all work out. :)

  3. Aww sounds like Liam is going to be a great big brother!! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Gah I love that we are so in sync with each other! Both 13 weeks, both heart rates over 160 and all I crave is fruit! Our doc isn't doing gender ultrasound until 20 weeks either and its scheduled for December 8th but I'm going to push it even a week later so Seth can be home to join! Countdown has officially started!

  5. Oh yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    This showing faster with #2 is no joke! I keep thinking this was like when I was 18 weeks.....

  6. Liam is going to be the best big brother! I can't wait to see him with the new baby :) Glad your energy is starting to return!

  7. That little belly!! SO cute! Glad you're starting to feel better!

  8. Look at that sweet little belly! I LOVE it!
    So glad you are feeling better!!

  9. Can I also just add to my previous comment that I adore your little bump! I couldn;t believe I was showing so early! You look fantastic!

  10. You are so adorable!! And I totally feel you on the traveling during the holidays things, it sucks! Last year we decided that we would switch it up each year. Last year we stayed home for Thanksgiving so this year we'll stay home for Christmas. It's the first time I won't be with family on Christmas so it'll definitely be bitter sweet!


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