Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Days with Nana & Pops

Family time is seriously some of the best time!  Liam & I were fortunate to have my mom in town for a week while Conor was away on business, and then my Dad flew down & joined us when Conor returned home!  And when it comes to guests, Nana & Pops are my favorite!  

My mom always arrives with homemade goodies; this time it was raspberry jam with raspberries picked right at their lake house & molasses crinkle cookies.  She cooks, she cleans, she changes diapers, & she does a pretty awesome bath time.  What I would give to have her close by...

Pops is best for playtime!  As Liam has gotten older and can engage more & more, it has been a joy to watch the two of them play together.  I can remember my Dad making me laugh so hard that it hurt growing up!  It's incredible to see those similar interactions with Liam.  Pops is definitely one to let the rules slide, but I suppose that's what grandparents do best!

We ate.  They all drank.  We hiked.  We playground-ed.
The men snuck away for happy hour & football.  The women snuck away for shopping.  

Liam completely lit up when we picked them up from the airport, and was sad to see them go!  I so enjoyed seeing his excitement upon the arrival of Nana & Pops, and witnessing just how much that little boy loves them!  This last stretch was longest that Liam had ever gone without seeing them, but it was as if no time had passed at all.  We have sure missed them lately, but luckily we'll be meeting them in Hawaii in less than 2 weeks!


  1. Hawaii!!!!! Omg!!! And so glad you guys got to do this!! Xo

  2. Looks like the perfect week, so glad they were able to visit! And YAY for Hawaii! Right around the corner now!

  3. What a great visit! Yes grandparents are meant to break the rules! So jealous you are going to Hawaii in two weeks!

  4. awww what a fun time! what a great relationship he's going to have with them if he's already so excited and loves spending time with them. so jealous about hawaii!!

  5. That is so nice to have some time to spend with the family - esp when they rock as much as your parents seem to! And Hawaii, awesome!!!

  6. So awesome they were able to come while Conor was away! Looks like Liam had the best time with them and I'm sure they were over the moon happy to be with him!


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