Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday is here, and it's sweeter than usual because Conor is home from a business trip!  We are more than ready for a weekend filled with a birthday party and trip to the pumpkin patch.  And some much needed extra rest for this little mama!  Let's get right to it, here's my five...  As always, thanks to all the lovely hosts: Christina, Darci, April, & Natasha!


We (all including Liam) are going to Hawaii (Maui) in early November, and I'm already counting down the days 'til we leave!  I would love any & all suggestions for things to do and places to eat.  Also maybe some toddler app suggestions for the long flight.  We really don't give Liam any screen time, but I want some things on our iPad for an emergency situation!!!

I have been eyeing this reserved pillow for our guest room.  Right now the room has zero character, but I want to slowly start making it an extra cozy little place for guests!

I'm currently reading The Goldfinch, and it is amazing!  It is a bit of a lengthy read, but you won't want to put it down (and I'm barely over a third of the way through the book).  Make this your next read!

You know who doesn't get a lot of love on this blog...our cat Charlie!  He's a pretty special guy!  While I rarely take a photo of him anymore since Liam dominates my camera roll, I just couldn't resist his cuteness the other day!  If only I was this comfortable during nap time!

My in-laws who just happen to own an icecream shop in Montana (and also expecting!) wanted to try shipping some product last month, so we were the lucky recipients.  I have been enjoying pint after pint of homemade icecream since and will be devastated when we run out.  No other icecream will do; I literally only love Sweet Peaks!

TGIF friends!
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  1. YAY for a trip to Maui! We were there last year for our honeymoon so I could give you some recommendations if you're staying in the Ka'anapali area! A must do no matter where you stay though is Road to Hana. Highlight of our trip, for sure!!

  2. awww your cat is adorable! i just want to squeeze and hug. i added that book to my list yesterday!

  3. What a great vacation, sounds perfect!!

  4. Hi, I've been missing for a while, excited to catch back up. :)
    Hawaii, how awesome - enjoy!! And ice cream, shipped to your door. One lucky gal!!
    Love that pillow!! Happy Friday.

  5. I'm so jealous you are going to Hawaii! Being on the east coast it's not a trip we will be taking very soon since the flight is even longer for us!

    I got through 75% of the Goldfinch and just lost interest. Hopefully you like it more than I did.

  6. How exciting you guys are going to Maui!!! We went there (and Kauai) for our honeymoon in November in 2010. The weather is perfect then so you guys will have an amazing time! We ate at Mama's Fish House per a recommendation of family friends and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. If you want more recs I can dig into the archives and find out where else we went :)


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