Sunday, November 2, 2014

14 Weeks (Bump #2)

I thought a festive bump photo was in order for this week!
Also, I went back to blond.  The darker look was fun for a bit, but I'm a blond at heart.  
The change was rough on my hair, so I cut off about 3 inches, eek!

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs.

Symptoms: The nausea is still sticking around unfortunately.

Gender Predictions:  Although there is a little bow on my tummy, we still won't know the gender until our anatomy scan around 20 weeks.  It was simply added for a little flair and wishful thinking.

Sleep?  Meh.  I will sleep when I'm done having kids...

Miss Anything?  Nope, pregnancy suits me well.  Might need to toss this category.

Maternity Clothes:  I'm in that extremely awkward stage where my maternity clothes are still a bit big, but my regular stuff isn't cutting it.  I'm using the belly band for now, but soon I'll be jumping into some maternity jeans!  I also purchased a black pair of Preggo Leggings this week and am in love!  They are the softest most comfortable thing you ever wear while pregnant!  Mine are still a bit on the big side and fall down easily, but I know they were perfect in just a few more weeks!

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Craving fruit, especially blueberries!  And I absolutely housed the homemade raspberry jam my mom brought, so I will be requesting some more of that for our Hawaii trip!  Still not much of an appetite and heading towards a meat aversion again, although I'm fine with ground beef...weird.

Staying Active?  Yes!  I managed in 4 workouts this week and felt great about it!

Cries: None, but plenty of teary moments.

Liam's Thoughts:  I forgot to mention this last week, but when Liam heard the baby's heartbeat his face completely lit up!  He seems just as excited as Conor & I.  He will talk about the baby on his own all the time, and I just love chatting with him about it!

Looking Forward to: It's my birthday week!!!


  1. Cute bump! I thought maybe you had found out the gender early.

  2. Happy birthday week!! I love the bump photo!! :) How sweet that Liam is excited about the baby now too! Hope that nausea subsides soon! xo

    1. Thank you Tawnya! I so ready for the nausea to be behind me...I am optimistic with each passing day!

  3. Aww! This is adorable! Love the wishful girl thinking ;) And happy Birthday week!!

  4. Lookin cute!!!! I hope the nausea passes quickly...have you tried Sea Bands? They helped a little (but it's better than nothing). Just a few more weeks until you find out the gender! Will you know before Christmas??

  5. Aw hoping the nausea goes away soon! Did you feel sick with Liam too?

  6. Sorry to hear about the sicky feeling lingering! Boo! I got the same questions when I put the bow on top of my pumpkin shirt haha You are so cute and I love the mummy! (I'm also completely craving fruit- wonder what we're having!!) xoxo


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