Monday, November 24, 2014

First Snow

Sunday morning we woke up to the first snow of the winter season!  I had been anxiously waiting for this, as I have been every year since I was a little girl!  Liam was such a fan of the fluffy white stuff last year, that I knew it would be at whole new level now that he's two.  And I was so right!

Conor got up early with Liam and took him right to the back door to see it falling down & blanketing everything in sight.  Little L didn't stop talking about it once those initial moments of awe had passed.  He thought every tree covered in snow was just the perfect Christmas tree & insisted upon heading outside to play in it immediately!  He remembered he needed his snow pants, boots, etc. and was more than willing to help get everything to be ready.  He talked to Conor the entire time they got dressed... and that's a long time!  It is just incredible how long it actually takes to dress a squirmy, anxious toddler and yourself just to go outside!

But the smiles, joy, & glee were well worth all the efforts!  Snowballs were rolled, snow angles were attempted, & nice racetrack for his cars graced the back deck.  I know we will spend much of our snowy winter outside!  And this year, I may even let us warm up afterwards with a wee bit of hot cocoa.  There is so much fun to be had this winter...this is only the beginning!


  1. So much fun!!! If we get snow this winter - I know Waverly will be the same way!!

  2. The first snow really is magical! They are calling for snow here tomorrow. I'd be super excited if I wasn't worried about it affecting our flight on Thursday morning!

  3. SNOW! haha Love it! How cute is he?!?

  4. How fun!!!! I bet he loved seeing the snow and anxiously awaits the next snow when he can go play outside again!

  5. OH, I hope we get some snow this year! So much fun! I tried to give Wyatt some "hot" chocolate the other day and he spit it out, ha!


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