Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Hawaiin Getaway

We are back from Hawaii, and I am already having withdrawals...  Both from having Nana & Pops on hand at all times and from the beautiful island of Maui itself.  I'm excited to write a recap of our trip so that I can look back at all the fun we had and memories we made.  I know that vacation posts can be quite boring for the every day reader, but this blog still serves in part as a journal for me and my family and this was a trip I definitely want to log into the archives.  So if you don't care for all the details and an overload of photos then move along my friends!

The Digs: Honua Kai Resort
This is the newest resort on the island and is located on Ka'anapali Beach.  We rented a two bed/two bath condo which was perfect for the five of us.  We had an incredible view of the ocean and were only steps away from the great pools & beach!  I cannot recommend this place enough!  It was so amazing we barely needed to leave the resort, but of course we still did!

The Eats:
Since we had a full kitchen in our condo and access to great barbecue areas, we made most of our meals!  It was so nice to still have home cooked meals (especially from my mom and Conor) while on vacation.  Since we cooked a lot of meals ourselves throughout the trip, when we did dine out we felt we could really splurge a bit. We therefore treated ourselves to some of the finer restaurants in the area.

Duke's Beach House:
This restaurant was literally at the resort, only steps from our condo, so we ate there the most!  I loved the atmosphere and live music, but most importantly the menu!  My favorites were the fish 'n chips (and brand new pregnancy craving that is most definitely here to stay) and banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup.  I'm fairly certain that all my pancakes need to be covered in coconut syrup from this point forward! Conor also loved the peppered Ahi dish that he had on our first big night out to celebrate my birthday.

Ululani's Shave Ice:
Katie recommended this to me, and I could not stop thinking about it for weeks leading up to our trip!  This shaved ice was the best I've ever had and certainly did not fall short of my expectations.  The first time I went, I got in line only 10 minutes after they had opened for business and there was already a huge wait!  It was sooo worth it though...  This cute little walk-up counter is right in the heart of Lahaina and the perfect place to stop for a treat while doing a little window shopping.

This restaurant is in the Kapalua area North of Lahaina and is located right on the point of an incredibly beautiful bay!  Some of the most spectacular views we had on our trip by far were right from our dinner table!  Just Conor & I came here for a little date night alone while Nana and Pops watched Liam and it was such a romantic spot!  I, of course, snagged some mahi mahi fish 'n chips for an appetizer to feed that freshly developed pregnancy craving... and then enjoyed the melt-in-your-mouth-fresh Ahi.  I was all about the local fish, which somewhat surprised me since I had been so nauseous up until this trip.  Everything here was absolutely delicious! Even the cocktails, which Conor so graciously enjoyed on my behalf.

Fleetwood's On Front St:
We had dinner on the rooftop of this fun restaurant right in downtown Lahaina.  We watched the sunset light up the sky and then listen to bagpipes and native Hawaiian music before a delicious dinner. After dinner, a great blues band took the stage right in front of our table.  Liam loved the music and I loved his subtle dance moves on my lap! This is Mick Fleetwood's Restaurant (the drummer from the famed "Fleetwood Mac") and Conor claims that he recognized him a few times as the long-haired and bearded guy popping up here and there around the restaurant while we dined...

This was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had!  Even though Liam keeps us busy, he also helps us to just enjoy the simple things.  He was a bit hesitant about the ocean at first, but he quickly warmed up to it!  He would run around like crazy making footprints in the sand and laughing hysterically at all the little "feets"!  He spent hours making sandcastles and race tracks and digging holes for the waves to come splash in.  We watched sea turtles and boats and ran from the waves just as they were about to crash at our feet.  So many special moments each day!

As much as he loved the ocean, I think he most favorite thing was the "hot pool" or the hot tub for the rest of us.  He would sit on the steps and just people watch; he could not get enough of that warm water.  Every once in awhile he would venture out to the big pools or the lazy river and do some jumping off all the big rocks lining the pools (no fear in this boy), but he always made his way back to the hot pool!  I can't blame him!

And Liam's other highlight was riding the Ka'anapali trolley.  We spotted a complimentary trolley that took passengers from Whaler's Village to a few different resorts, so even though we weren't staying at any of those resorts we still jumped on because my little boy loves all modes of transportation!  Again, it was the simplest things that made our trip so special.  So the five of us took about an hour trolley ride and enjoyed a brief tour of that part of the island.  So spontaneous, so fun!  Obviously, we are really living on the edge here as parents, ha!

And amongst all this playing, Nana & Pops took many turns with the little boy while I was left to relax on a lounge chair.  Sun bathing, reading, & sipping virgin bloody marys; it was a dream!  I actually finished an entire book in just one week.  Relaxing isn't a big enough word to describe it!  Liam has such a deep attachment to my parents, that I always knew he was in good hands and having a blast.

 At first I was a bit nervous to rock a bikini since my bump is still quite small (relatively) and could easily be mistaken for a beer belly!  But there were plenty of other pregnant mamas at our resort and I quickly felt comfortable!  I mean I do love any occasion to show off the bump, so show it off I did!

While part of me wanted a bit more adventure, the slow pace of our trip was perfect for this mama.  I needed to relax, I needed to spend some time just soaking up this pregnancy and focusing on this new little baby that will be joining our family next year.  Being pregnant I was a bit hesitant in the ocean, so I passed on things like boogie boarding (obviously) and snorkeling.  I also really wanted to do the road to Hana, but that is no adventure to bring a 2 year old on.  So instead, I enjoyed the time with my family and we kept our exploration a bit more local to the condo.  He will only be this little for so long.  His eyes will only open this wide at the first sight of the ocean for a few more years.  This world may not always be so new and magical to him, but we hope his adventures never grow dull.  There will be plenty of time for crazy adventures with just Conor & I when the kids have grown.  For now, I love this season of life!

Mahalo Hawaii, it was one amazing & unforgettable trip!
Liam's expression upon seeing the ocean at Maui on our very first morning was priceless!


  1. So much fun!!! Every detail looks absolutely perfect, so relaxing!!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I could definitely go for a relaxing beach vacation (especially with the weather we're having). And OMG banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup. I think I just died and went to heaven. That sounds amazing! We went to Duke's in Honolulu a couple years ago and it was yummy!

  3. So glad you had a relaxing vacation! Everyone looks so happy :) And the picture of you and Liam on the beach -- could you look any better in a bikini! What a cute pair you two are. Duke's is the best!

  4. wow wow and wow! How fabulous is this trip? Are you in withdraw or what? Such a beautiful family and you are the prettiest preggo mama I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds like THE perfect trip!! So glad you had a great time and that you were able to try Ululani's - totally jealous! Beautiful pictures! :)

  6. Sounds like you had such an amazing, relaxing, and reflective vacation. You're parents are too cute btw! As always your photos are beautiful. It sounds like ya'll ate at some amazing places. I'd be all over the fish n chips too!!

  7. I love vacation recaps! Your trip sounds amazing! That's so nice you got to actually relax and have your parents watch Liam!

  8. Lovely pictures! I would LOVE to go to Hawaii sometime. I'm glad you got to cook a lot of your meals...It's always nice to still have home cooked meals while vacationing. I enjoy eating out, but by the end of a trip I'm ready for a break! Sounds like you had a wonderful time - glad you got to relax!

  9. Oh my gosh... now I'm CRAVING a beach vacation!! You look amazing in your bikini rocking that bump! Such a gorgeous, mama and mama to be :) xo

  10. Your recap makes me want to go to the beach asap! It looks like you had the best time and a nice, relaxing vacation. Seriously a vacation of just doing nothing and enjoying the simple things is what I am so craving right now. The pictures of you are your husband are so beautiful! And of course Liam is super cute too :) So glad you had a good time!

  11. Oh my goodness, this makes me so jealous! We stayed on Ka'anapali Beach when we were there years ago and I've been dying to go back. I know Mac would love it so much at this age. So wonderful that you guys had a relaxing trip, especially with a toddler along. Love that you rocked a bikini bump! You look awesome!

  12. Too cute! New reader, just saying hi! :-)


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