Sunday, December 14, 2014

20 Weeks (Bump #2)

Total Weight Gain: 11 lbs.  On track to keep it under 30 lbs again this pregnancy (I was up 29 lbs on delivery day with Liam), and still behind my 1st pregnancy scale wise.

Symptoms: Had some hip & back discomfort this week, but a mile long swim in the pool helped out a bit.

Movement: Throughout the day, with frequent blows to my bladder.  I'm definitely carrying this baby low just like Liam (contrary to early thoughts), so I expect this to be happening the rest of my pregnancy.

Gender:  Boy!  And from the ultrasound pic, he looks just like Liam!  Exact same nose!

Sleep?  Liam had a pretty good week, so I did too!

Food Cravings/Aversions:  No real aversions anymore, which is so nice.  And fruit is still taking over as a craving!

Staying Active?  3 workouts this week, and since I have readjusted my expectations, I am quite happy with this! :-)  With Liam I was running 5 (11 minute miles).  This time around I'm only running about 3.5 (10 minute miles).  I like to think my extra speed makes up for the shorter distance.  I've found that 3.5 miles seem to be the perfect amount to still get in a workout but save some energy to chase around Liam.  Plus, I don't like leaving him at the gym daycare for too long, so this way I am back to him quicker!

Cries: 1.  I feel like I have been a bit more emotional this pregnancy.  As soon as I laid down for our ultrasound, I really started tearing up.  Before it even began!  I was just so excited to see our healthy baby!

Nursery Progress:  Now that we know the gender, I have been going crazy on Pinterest!  I'm wanting to go with a woodland theme (think mountains & trees, not cute little animals) and I want to have a decal wall.  You can follow my nursery Pinterest board here.

Liam's Thoughts:  He now calls the baby "baby brother" or "little brother"; it's so so sweet!  He knows the baby is in my tummy, but more specifically my belly button.

Looking Forward to: A week home with my parents!  I'm planning on lots of shopping, wrapping, baking, & eating!

I cannot believe I am already half way through my pregnancy!  
I love being pregnant and truly enjoy this special time!


  1. I love seeing your updates. Good for you for still running so much! And that nursery looks so cute - I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. You look radiant, love that he calls him little brother now!! They will be the best of friends!!!

  3. Frame that picture!! I love it! And can't believe you're already half way - can't wait for the mini Liam to arrive :)

  4. Oh, gosh! I love that he's already calling him "little brother"! So glad you're feeling great!

  5. Isn't it absolutely surreal how quickly this time around is speeding past? I am loving that Liam is already loving on his "little brother"!!! Can't wait to watch that bond grow! Absolutely love that gorgeous Christmas shot!!!

  6. You look great! I can't believe it's already been 20 weeks... I feel like just yesterday you announced that you were pregnant!

  7. I love that picture!! Cam thinks the baby is in my belly button, funny! Are you going to share the name? We haven't even decided yet, and we find out in a week!! I LOVE that Liam calls him Baby Brother...ahhhh so fun!

  8. Halfway mark!!! LOVE the tree pic and I have GOT to do one as well! Wayt o go on the workouts and as usual, you look fabulous!! xoxo

  9. Love the picture in front of the tree! So perfect!! Congratulations on another little boy to love on. You can just send that girly stuff you were buying my way! ;)

  10. oh my goodness, 20 weeks! so fast! love that picture of you in front of the tree, glad you are sleeping well and working out!

  11. Congratulations! I haven't checked out your board....but she had neat ideas (I made the bunting):

    1. Ooh thanks for sending this link my way! I love that bunting...I may need to get my craft on!

  12. Half way..?! You look great. Can't wait to see what you do for the nursery - love the theme!! :)


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