Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Decor Favorites

December is here, and anyone who has a heart for Christmas is surely all decorated!  I tend to keep my decor the same each year, but always adding one or two new things!  Here are few things that I am eyeing this year.  I'm especially loving the chalkboard tree, the nutcracker (I like more woodland style ones), and also a pyramid (you would think they had a fancier name), a la Christmas Vacation style!

1. Chalkboard Tree / 2. Winter Santa Nutcracker / 3. Nativity Pyramid
4. Snowflake Napkin Ring / 5. Reindeer Trivet / 6. Snowflake Pillow

And if you are traveling for the holidays, these would all be wonderful hostess gifts!
Happy decorating & giving!


  1. Ooooo! I love those napkin rings! And the snowflake pillow!

  2. Christmas decor is the best! I could buy alll the holiday pillows so I definitely want that snowflake one!

  3. Super cute!! I always love adding to my Christmas decoration collection! :)

  4. That nutcracker is beautiful and I too am loving that chalkboard tree! Those would make great additions!

  5. Ooh I love the reindeer trivet and snowflake pillow! I love to decorate but need to follow your lead and only get one new thing a year... Otherwise it can get out of hand!

  6. That nutcracker and those napkin rings!! Love!!

  7. Love the nutcracker and the snowflake pillows! Such cute stuff!


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