Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Grand Tree Adventure

Per tradition, the day after Thanksgiving we hitched up the ol' four wheel drive and set off just north of the city to find the Keenan Family Christmas tree!  After being a bit disappointed with the tree farm we tried out last year (and that whole massive tree debacle), we decided to try a new place.  It seemed quite promising, so I was ecstatic!  I love the whole tree cutting experience!

After an hour of belting out carols in the car, we arrived at our destination!  They had a beautiful tree lot set up of all the trees they shipped in from Oregon, but I was determined to cut down my own...  So I found a worker to inquire about said "u-cut" trees, she pointed me to a patch of trees on the side of a house that were 5 feet & under...  Womp, womp!  I needed at least a 9 footer (but hoping for 11), and was also expecting this "tree in my head" to be on a big open range farm, wagon ride & all.  Disappointed doesn't even cover it.  And not just because I was pregnant, my Christmas spirit was just shattered.  While I was practically pouting, Liam's Christmas spirit was quite high!  He loved being surround by trees, running every which way, and trying to pick one that would go on the car!

I stayed positive and told Conor I wanted to check out some other Christmas tree farms that I had heard about that were somewhat close (max 15 minutes away).  He supported my need to check out some other places, so we piled back in the car.  Poor Liam didn't quite grasp why we were leaving without a tree on top of our car, but I knew it would be worth it to wait for that perfect one!

I'll spare you our whole long & drawn out afternoon, but let's just say that we visited no less than 3 tree farms, all pretty pathetic.  And I use the term "farm" loosely, because really these places just seemed to be people's homes where they happened to grow a few Christmas-eque trees in their backyard.  I was losing steam (and happiness) and Liam just wanted a tree, SO...  We went back to the 1st place!  

Yep, all that searching to go back where it all started.  Conor made me realize that I really wasn't going to be happy with any of the "u-cut" selections, so why not just purchase one of the gorgeous trees for Oregon that were the perfect size and shape.  We would still get to enjoy the Christmas-y atmosphere of lights, bonfires, & candy canes.  We wanted to make this adventure exciting for Liam, and he cared about was a tree on the car.  Simple as that!  Perspective people; sometimes, I need it!

So we chose a tall Noble Fir that smelled so strongly I knew it would fill the whole house!  Liam continued his sprints around the lot while we careful eyed & finally chose a big one!  Candy canes were licked, fingers were stickied, & sap was everywhere !  Liam & I watched with big open eyes, while Conor & the farm owner strapped down our tree.  Just as we were about to leave, the owner thanked us and wished a Merry Christmas and I just lost it!  Tears were streaming down my face.  Tears of joy, but apparently I had saved up every emotion from that day to just pour out all at once!  Nothing like being pregnant over the holidays!  I expect many more happy tears in the days to come! 

And just wait 'til you see this beauty all decorated!


  1. Awww, love this! Liam is so adorable, wanting a tree on top of the car! :) I don't think my my emotions could have handled being pregnant, plus a toddler, through the holidays. I cried on the way to the Christmas tree farm, and I'm not pregnant. ;)

  2. Wow that is a big tree... You must have very high ceilings! We have a vaulted ceiling but because of furniture placement we had to put our tree on the lower ceiling side of the room and had to stick with a 7.5 ft tree :(. I know how you feel though where you have a specific thing in mind and get upset when it doesn't pan out... Even without being pregnant. But it's true that the little kids have fun regardless!

  3. So happy you found the perfect tree! Liam looks like he had a BLAST at the Christmas tree farm. When we picked out ours, Mason just ran and ran and ran around the place and was so so happy. That's when I knew my pathetic excuse for a tree (aka a felt tree I bought at Target last year to stick up on the wall) wouldn't cut it and we needed a real one. There is something so special about a real tree!
    ps is Liam standing on top of your car?! You are one brave mama!

  4. Your tree looks gorgeous! We don't really grow traditional trees in our part of North Carolina. Our local trees have longer needles. One of these days, I will have a freshly cut true Christmas tree...we may just have to go to the mountains to get it!

    1. Apparently Utah isn't great for growing trees either, surprisingly. Although I guess it is still considered the high desert here. Mostly just Blue Spruces, which I hate! Guess I'll need to move back to the PNW!

  5. aw Liam is so adorable and looks so happy.
    I have never seen a real tree, let alone a tree farm lol. can't wait to see it decorated :)

  6. These are great. :-)

  7. These pictures are so cute!! We never get a real tree - I feel like theres always so much travel during the holidays with grandparents so far away. But I love the smell of a real tree.


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