Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had just the best Thanksgiving!  Start to finish it was a perfect day that left us with plenty of memories!  These posts are some of my favorites to look back on and see what the holiday was like.  So...

Liam had us up early in the morning, but that just gave us plenty of time for cinnamon roll baking, bloody mary concocting (virgin for me of course), & parade watching.  Low key relaxing mornings spent together as a family are some of my favorite.  Liam was a big fan of all the singing & dancing during the Macy's day parade, and he even busted out some moves for us on the couch.
In anticipation of our big glutenous meal that was to come that night, we embarked on the 5th Annual Keenan Family Thanksgiving Day walk!  It always feels good to get outside and get some fresh air before the big feast starts.  To honor the toddler's request, we stopped at a playground along the way and let the little man loose!  Sliding, swinging, & bark-race-car-track making somehow filled almost two hours of the day.   We had some unseasonably warm weather, so we were all happy to stay out.  Although, secretly (or not so secretly probably) I was wishing for snow!

Once back home, Liam & I snuggled up for a long afternoon nap while Conor put the turkey in the oven and took care of all the other finishing touches for dinner.  Lucky wife, I am!  When Liam woke up, we got dressed in our Thanksgiving best and were ready for some food & football!  Every year we throw around the football in the backyard for a bit, and boy was Liam excited about it this year!  He's starting to develop some coordination and ball handling skills which is just so fun to watch.  He was all about hiking the ball, spiking it for touchdowns, attempting some throws, & making some successful catches.  Mama was beaming with pride!

Our turkey feast was delicious as always; Conor & I have really nailed down this meal over the years.  We have brought the best from each of our families, and added our own touch!  Even though we are always away from our extended families, we still make the holidays special.  There is definitely something to be said for a mellow & low key evening just enjoying our time together.  Liam enjoyed the turkey (with a side of ketchup of course...), but didn't seem too interested in the rest of the meal.  This kid is really missing out on the amazingness of mashed potatoes!

Once our bellies were full, we left the dishes & clean up for later and instead jumped right into my favorite tradition...  On Thanksgiving night, Liam opens up his new pair of Christmas pajamas & this year a new book too!  Little Blue Truck's Christmas & the Hanna Anderson car, truck, christmas tree jammies were the absolute perfect match!  I could see the magic of the Christmas season starting to show in Liam's eyes as he opened his gifts.  We all got cozy in our Christmas PJs, popped some corn, & settled in for little L's first showing of the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  Such a fun way to end the evening.  That night he fell asleep talking all about Christmas trees and how we were going to cut one down and put it on top of the car the next day.  His excitement almost equals, mine...   Almost.

Once Liam was fast asleep in bed, 
Conor & I shared clean up duties and watched the Seahawks play to a sweet sweet victory!
Hope your Thanksgivings were all as sweet as ours!


  1. What a perfect low key thanksgiving! Love the family pictures at the end!

  2. This makes me regret not getting out of our pjs all day to at least take a picture, ha! Y'all are so cute! Super jealous that Liam loved the parade! ;) Hopefully next year Wyatt will get into it. Glad yall had a great day!

  3. What a perfect Thanksgiving!! I love that you have some fun traditions...we had SNOW this year, which totally ruined my dream of football after dinner! :) You look great, by the way!! How are you feeling?

  4. Your pictures came out so adorable and the ones of them playing football? Melted!

  5. Aww the perfect Thanksgiving! It has to be so fun now that he's getting old enough to understand and participate in the holidays! I have a feeling he's going to LOVE Christmas this year! :)

  6. Wonderful Thanksgiving! I love those family photos of you guys. And I love the tradition of new Christmas jammies on Thanksgiving! I might have to steal that one next year.

  7. What a wonderful, wonderful day! Sounds like the perfect holiday to me. Ours was filled with family but a low key, relaxing day sounds almost better! (shh don't tell). Can't wait to see Liam in those CUTE pjs! Sadly I was too late to snag mine... I will have to check out the store!

  8. Love x 100! These pics are simply perfect!

  9. Great family pictures!! I can't believe it - a kid who doesn't eat mashed potatoes?! That's crazy.

  10. How fun, you guys are adorable. :) Great idea doing Christmas jammies/book on Thanksgiving so there is plenty of time to enjoy.


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