Sunday, January 4, 2015

23 Weeks (Bump #2)

Total Weight Gain: 18 lbs.  Eek, that number scares me even though scale wise I am exactly on track with Liam's pregnancy.  I know I am growing at a perfect rate for starting this pregnancy underweight, but I still don't love watching those numbers climb.

Symptoms: A little hip & back pain.  I think I need to have a second trimester massage sometime soon!

Nesting?  Oh my goodness yes!  And all of sudden!  I'm in no real rush to get going on the nursery (especially since it's currently Liam's playroom), but I want to organize like crazy.  I have a soon-to-be toy closet & pantry at the top of my list.  I see a trip to IKEA for some organizing bins in the near future.

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Oh my sweet tooth...  definitely over indulged during the holidays, but am fully ready to get back to some healthier eating.

Staying Active?  Nope, not at all.  Vacation was lovely.  But again, I can't wait to be back in the gym this week!  I received a fitbit for Christmas, so I'm pumped about seeing how active I am on just a daily basis with a toddler!

Cries: 0.

Liam's Thoughts:  He talks about the baby a lot when he spontaneously brings him up, but otherwise will be quiet if he's directly asked about it.  The first thing out of his mouth the other morning was "Mommy's belly is getting really big!"

Other Notable Events:  I had the stomach flu.  It was a quick 24 hour thing, but oh was it awful!  Being so upset to my stomach and having my baby moving nonstop was the most bizarre experience. I'm hoping to never experience that again!

Looking Forward to: Settling back into our normal routine after being away for the holidays.  Sharing the baby's name...I promise I will soon!  And starting to interview doulas!


  1. Your bump is so cute and definitely growing! Weight gain is good! I'm loving your maternity wear so far... Where do you shop?

  2. Gorgeous top! And look at that sweet bump! You are glowing mama! So happy for you!

  3. Look at that bump! Cute. You definitely deserve a massage. Do it! I definitely overindulged over the holidays too. Hoping to get back on track though. Looking good mama! Hope you're feeling good too!

  4. Oh that bump!! The cutest! You look totally AMAZING! Your weight gain is alllllllll belly!

  5. eeek! Look at you! So glad to be updated- you are lookin' fabulous!

  6. You look fabulous, lady! Love your top!

  7. You look amazing....forget about the numbers! I am so happy to be back into a routine again and cannot wait to get settled into our house and start organizing. IKEA has been our best friend lately! I can't wait to hear baby's name...SO FUN!

  8. As always, looking great!! I felt like the second time around I gained more, earlier; but in the end actually only gained the same amount total as the first time. For me, gaining weight was definitely a scary thing, but don't forget you are so healthy and taking care of yourself, it's all temporary and for a sweet little baby. :)
    Did you have doula with Liam?


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