Monday, January 19, 2015

25 Weeks (Bump #2)

That cellphone in my back pocket is doing nothing for my butt...

Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs.  I lost one this week!

Symptoms: I did not feel well this week.  Finn definitely had a growth spurt and was possibly even lying traverse for a couple days.  I'm doing much better now though and hope it continues!

Nesting?  Knocked two small organizing projects off the list last weekend.  I'm hoping for more of the same this week.  I need to put together an actual to-do list, so my little OCD mind can be put to ease a bit.

Movement:  I'm starting to be able to feel what is head/butt vs. foot/hand.  Finn tends to be mostly on the right side of my belly, while Liam preferred the left.  And he gets hiccups all the time, which is just so fun!

Nursery Progress:  Hoping to call the contractor this week to get an estimate on removing a door.  Next will be deciding on a paint color and wall decals.

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Still really into any and all sweets & fruit!

Staying Active?  Yep, and it felt really good this week!  I am officially running longer into this pregnancy than I did with Liam.  That feels like a huge accomplishment!  I'm not sure if it's the shorter distance (albeit faster pace) that is allowing my body to continue, but I'm pleased!  Once I put my  new support belt to use this week, I'll let you all know my thoughts on it!

Cries: 0.  Sometimes I surprise myself and actually hold it together!

Liam's Thoughts:  We've talking a lot about how we will move his playroom to the "huge" room downstairs, and it will instead become baby Finn's room.  Liam will also be getting a new bed & dresser so that his old furniture will go into the new nursery.  However, Liam insists that he will be sleeping in the crib with the baby.  So sweet!  And funny since Liam never slept in his crib much, and I don't anticipate that this baby will either.

Birth Plan:  Thanks to all for your sweet comments about Liam's birth and planning ahead for this next one!  I really need to start interviewing doulas, but somehow keep putting it off.  Apparently I really need to get going on that to-do list...

Best Moment This Week:  Liam feeling Finn kick!  He smiled, laughed, and loved every second!  It was by far the cutest big brother moment we have had yet!


  1. Awwww. How sweet that he got to feel him!

  2. So cool you can tell what part of him is moving, I think that's so fascinating!!!! how cute Liam felt Finn kick, that's so cute!

    You look great and glad you were able to be active this week :)!

  3. you look great!! I miss feeling Millie move, how cute, Liam felt Finn. love

  4. How cute are you?? You are all belly, my friend!!! And the name Finn! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Oh that's so cool Liam has already felt him move! My husband barely felt Noah move because he always stopped as soon as Chris put his hand there!

  6. You look awesome!!! I chuckled at Liam insisting he will be sleeping in the crib with Finn. So sweet. It feels great to remain active, right? It's a total mood changer. Perhaps that's the reason for zero cries this week? Seems like you had a fabulous one!

  7. Oh, Liam is going to be SUCH a good big brother!! :)

  8. So sweet he could feel Finn moving and he was so happy! What a good big brother!

  9. Girl you are looking amazing!! Love that he plans on co sleeping. The innocence of childhood needs to be savored!

  10. Aw, loving your stats this week and having a little chuckle at your cell phone caption lol. You're a 0 cries this week pregnant and I am at 2 cries this week non-pregnant. What does this say about me?! LOL xo Chelsea play. wash. rinse. repeat.

    1. Oh no for cries! I'm an emotional person in general, so pregnant or not I usually let the tears flow on a regular basis!

  11. Aw, how fun that Liam got to feel Finn! Good job on 0 cries! That is an accomplishment in my book. :)


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