Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holiday Travel to Spokane

We flew out of Utah in the afternoon on Christmas Day.  Our flight was during nap time (never a good thing), but we figured that the excitement of Christmas Day would hold us all through...  Driving to the airport in a blizzard, I had thoughts of this magical flying experience on Christmas.  As if it would somehow be different than any other time that we fly.  Not so much...

First our flight was delayed because we were waiting for our flight crew to arrive from a different plane.  Then Conor & I had our favorite discussion about whether to board early (when those with small children can as Conor prefers) or to be the last ones on the plane (as I prefer).  Big day for me, because I won this time, and thank goodness!  Because once we were all boarded, we were informed that our plane was over fueled and that it would take about 30 minutes to remove that extra gas.  Womp womp.  Ensue tired toddler who does not understand why our plane is not taking off.  Our saving grace was a few Christmas carols being heard through the plane and trip to the cockpit!

Once in the air we experienced mild, let me repeat MILD turbulence, but apparently our flight crew had some wobbly feet so they determined it unsafe to use the beverage cart!  I think I almost cried at this point!  The promise of pretzels and a cup of water is what gets my little guy through a flight!  Now you are telling me there will be no snacks?!  We were fully stocked with goodies to keep Liam busy, but there is just nothing like those Delta pretzels!

Nevertheless, we made it.  It was still Christmas, and I was with my family to continue the celebrations!  We split our time between my parents house in Spokane and their lake house in Idaho!  It is truly beautiful this time of year!  Each visit I am in awe of the trees & the mountains, which are superior to the ones here in Utah.  Undeniably!  There was freshly fallen snow and the feel of being "home" made everything extra cozy!

Our 4 days flew by!  It was all of blur of present opening, cousins shenaniganing, hungry hippo competing, bubble baths overflowing, candy cane begging, fire starting, snowman building, comforting food eating, & cocktail drinking.  And in the midst of it all, I was truly on vacation!  All those extra helping hands make for one happy mama!  Liam loves all his time with Nana & Pops and actually prefers they help him with things other than me, yay!

It's always hard to leave, but knowing I have another trip planned in March eases the pain a bit!


  1. Wow the snow on the trees is pretty spectacular! Glad you had a nice trip despite not getting pretzels ;)

  2. Sorry about the tricky flight, that is no fun at all. Glad you had a good trip, though. Those pictures are awesome!

  3. So glad you survived the flight delays - those are the worst! Love the Hungry Hippo picture, we got my nephew that for Christmas and played it for hours straight :)

  4. ugh flight delays seriously suck. looks like you had a great time, and March will be here before you know it ;) that snow picture is gorgeous!

  5. Wow those trees look beautiful. That looks like the perfect white Christmas! Although I'm sorry about your flight delays, but that's fun they let Liam visit the cockpit!

  6. Looks like it was a great time with family - that's the best!! :)


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