Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Love...

Last week Liam turned 2 1/2!  While we didn't celebrate (although we may be due for a trip to the cupcake shop this week), it still feels like a big milestone.  He now can hold a full on conversation with us, which has just bumped into best friend status.  I so enjoy spending all my time with him, listening to his stories, & watching him transform into this young boy who I continue to fall more in love with!  He are a few of the sweet things that make our little Lamb so special.

I love...

...that his best kitchen skills are orange & garlic peeling.
...how he smacks his lips together just before he finally drifts off to sleep.
...his fierce hugs & kisses...for everybody.  (We are starting to work on personal space)
...that he doesn't like his food hot.  Not even warm, or remotely warm.  Lukewarm at best.
...how since Christmas, all deer are now reindeer.
...the little fork marks that are now permanently a part of my dining room table.  
(Maybe I don't love this, but I'm sure when he has left for college I will look back at my marked up table with fond memories)
... his deep & loud belly laugh that is so contagious.
...how his obsession with all vehicles (especially emergency vehicles) has turned me into an ambulance chaser.

He is pretty much amazing!   
We are looking forward to seeing our sweet boy as a big brother soon!


  1. Aren't little boys great! Noah too doesn't like hot food either! He says the food is "hot" for way longer than it actually is! Happy half birthday Liam!

  2. Love this and love this age! It is so fun..most of the time! :)

  3. He's looking so big! And too funny that he doesn't like his food hot. He seems like he has such a big, sweet personality - I love that smile!

  4. Love this post, he's so handsome and cute. So fun that all deer are reindeer!

  5. hahaha i love that you chase ambulances for him! i used to like lukewarm food when i was younger. not hold, not cold. my mum tells me that story very un-fondly, haha!

  6. The fork marks cover our kitchen table too. Solidarity, mama!

  7. Awwww love this post!!!! I need to do one of these for Lily and her half birthday. Her best kitchen skill is onion peeler and ingredient sampler. ;) Those pictures are beyond adorable btw.

  8. ahh the fork marks, I 'cherish' those as well. Love that he can have a nice conversation now. Any back and forth with Aria just blows me away, I can't wait for even more.

  9. Gosh he is getting so big! My brother took an ice pick to my moms dining room table and it's still that way today 21 years later! We will never forget that memory as upsetting as it was to my mom at the time!

  10. So sweet!! Happy Half Birthday!! :) I felt like 2 1/2 was a big milestone too, such a fun (and challenging at times) age. He is such a handsome little boy. Enjoy this time with him as an only child!! :)


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