Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stitch Fix (with a bump) #4

Oh Stitch Fix, you are really starting to get me hooked.  I just love receiving these packages, trying on all sorts of new clothes, and then picking out something to keep.  And I'm sure you all just love seeing another one of my awkward fashion shows.  I promise I will never become a fashion blogger, promise.  If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, give their website a little looksy... I will not bore you with those details here.  As my bump gets bigger, I feel like my stylist has more of challenge, but she did quite well this time!  So straight from the runway my bedroom...

Tart Striped French Terry Maternity Dress - KEEPER!

First off, when I say I carry my babies low, I mean L.O.W.  He can't get any lower, and I have a long ways to go!  Moving along, I just love this dress!  It is the softest, most comfortable fabric that any pregnant woman would swoon over.  I love how form fitting it is, perfect for showing off all those beautiful pregnancy curves.  You could easily dress this down with a pair of boots or flats, or go all sorts of snazzy with heels & jewelry.  I will be doing both!  Expect to see lots of this dress through the rest of my pregnancy!

Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse - wanted to keep, but sent back...

I actually loved this top.  It would work while I was pregnant, but even more so after the baby arrives AND it's nursing friendly!  I actually have a very similar tunic in a different color, so this was on point with my style.  However, I splurged a bit on keeping the dress, so this beauty was sent back.

Ezra Eileen Striped Dolman Top - sent back

This shirt did not photograph well, but it's actually quite cute in person.  I really wanted to like this, but it did not work at all for my bump.  I may have ended up loving it post baby, but that is not what I'm in the market for right now.

Hawthorn Trip Longsleeve Colorblock Sweater - sent back

I just can't get behind the color block trend.  I find it to be frumpy, and that is exactly what this sweater was!  I just hated it.  And it was thin and cheap and... ugh!

Kut From The Kloth Janine Maternity Ponte Legging - sent back

I'm pretty pleased with my current legging situation, so I simply didn't need these.  Plus they were very long (and I'm tall), and they were a bit too structured for my liking.  However they were undeniably comfortable!

If you haven't at least tried Stitch Fix once, you must do it!  It's easy, fun, & worst case scenario you are out $20 if you hate everything.  I guarantee everyone has wasted away $20 at Target, probably monthly!  If you do decide to get a fix, use my little link and I will thank you thank you thank you!  Now get pinning & then stalk your mailman waiting for the arrival of your fix!


  1. You and your low baby bump are too cute! I loved the dress and the tunic! But if you already have something similar to that tunic then that is an awesome deal! The dress would be so cute with a pair of boots!!!

  2. I didn't realize they did maternity too! Good to know! I love the dress you kept and that first blouse!

  3. I LOVE that dress and you rock it perfectly!!!!! I got a pregnant Stitch Fix box and kept a cute shirt and scarf, but nothing else fit. :( I love that they have the option to keep subscribing, even with a bump!! :)

  4. LOVE that dress, it's perfect!

  5. Love that dress - great choice!!!!!!! :)

  6. Love the dress! And the tunic-probably because I have a shirt in almost the exact same color hanging in my closet!

    1. Thanks! It might be my favorite stitch fix item to date!

  7. I love everything on you! I don't love color block much either, but the sweater was classic on you. Good choice in keeping the dress!

  8. The dress is adorable! I've yet to try Stitch Fix but every one of your posts gets me a little closer to actually doing it...

  9. You look stunning in that dress!! Love the doleman top too!

  10. That dress is gorgeous! Totally fun to dress up or down. Can't wait to see how you style it!


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