Monday, February 2, 2015

27 Weeks (Bump #2)

Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs.  I continue to have a hard time with this number.  However, my midwife did give me some info about weight gain, and since I started this pregnancy underweight I should expect to put on an extra 10 lbs.  I won't be able to stay under 30 lbs like I did with my first pregnancy, so I need to change my mindset to 40.

Symptoms: It was a good week!  Definitely feeling bigger (climbing out of Liam's bed after he falls asleep is interesting), but still doing everything I want to be.

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Fruit, fruit, fruit!  And breakfast foods.  Granola, pancakes, french toast etc.

Staying Active?  I made it through 4 runs! Boom!  Another week that I'm so thankful to still be running!  I logged 13 miles this week at my same pace.

Cries: 1.  And it was a big one.  At our gym I saw a sign for a Daddy/Daughter dance that is coming up, and it made me burst into tears.  It's the first time I've been upset about not having a girl in our immediate future, and the emotions really caught me off guard.  I have lots of to say about all of this, so expect a post later this week!

Birth Plan:  Studies have shown (one article here) that eating dates in the third trimester (or at least 4 weeks before the due date) have been linked to shorter labors among other great benefits!  I'm not a big fan of dates; however, I will try practically anything to have a shorter labor this time.  So I'll be eating dates like crazy!  At least as many as I can handle!  They are the main ingredient in Lara Bars, so I may go that route.  You're supposed to eat 6 dates a day, which is a lot!  Wish me luck!!!  

Liam's Thoughts: We talked a little about how there may be another baby after Finn, which was all sorts of confusing for Liam.  He now officially thinks there will be two babies coming soon, even though we have tried to convince him otherwise.  The boy says he wants two babies!!!

And since I'm heading into the third trimester, he's a brief update on some of those random topics...

Belly Button: In, although shallow.  It never popped out with Liam, and I'm not expecting it to with this baby either.

Stretch Marks:  Still none.  I feel like one lucky girl to have made it through almost 2 pregnancies now without one little mark!

Wedding Ring:  On.  I don't tend to swell during pregnancy, so this should remain on the whole time too!


  1. That bump, too cute! And yay for no stretch marks - I am still crossing my fingers for none, so far, so good!!!!!!!!!! XO

  2. You are looking great, lady! Glad you don't have stretch marks, I hear those are no fun at all.

    I can totally understand the crying about a daddy/daughter dance. Just a sweet concept and then hormones, wow!

    Try bacon wrapped dates, lady! They are delicious and make the dates taste better for sure. Or chop them up into small pieces in a salad. That might make eating them better.

  3. I gained 25 pounds when I was pregnant with carter & started Reid's pregnancy almost 15 pounds lighter so I gained 37 for that pregnancy. I'm super impressed with your running and working out!

    1. That gives me a bit of confidence! Especially since our pregnancies (the first time) were so similar, as was our crazy weight loss!

  4. You look amazing! Perfect bump. I crave breakfast foods on the regular. Yummiest meal of the day. Hooray for no stretch marks too.

  5. I love your bump! So sweet!! I'm sorry to hear about your emotions about not adding a girl to the family :( I can definitely understand this as I wished for a girl in my first pregnancy. Time is getting close for you guys now :) and yay for you for getting through the runs!!

  6. You look great!! I'll now be on the lookout for dates as well. :) Totally can understand the tears about not having a girl yet. I'm trying to get myself to think that the first two will be boys, and hope for a girl after that. But I can't bear the thought of never having a girl!

  7. You look amazing! But I get it, no matter how cute you look it's hard to see the number get bigger and bigger! And so interesting about the dates - I LOVE Lara Bars so will definitely be eating them on the reg when time for #2 comes. :)

  8. You look adorable! I have never heard that about dates before. Good to know! I will be putting that tid bit away for future reference ;) haha

  9. Looking fabulous in your festive outfit. ;) Thanks for the reminder about the dates, I completely forgot about that. Do you drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea?
    I think it is completely normal to wonder what it would be like with a little girl running around...just means you'll have to have more babies. :)

  10. You have really popped... Looking great as ever though! I gained 35 lbs with Noah and hope to gain less the next time around. I am definitely not underweight though ;). I wish I didn't swell! Not sure if it was because I was pregnant during the summer but my rings didn't fit as of 20 weeks and even some of my shoes didn't fit!

  11. I totally gained 40 (maybe 45?) pounds with Mia... didn't even phase me! But once she was born? I was totally phased, ha ha! Thank heavens for working out and being able to get the body back! But you seriously look amazing.... ALLLLLL belly!

  12. You look AMAZING. It's so funny...I cried the other day because I saw a picture of my sorority sister with her 3 boys...I always thought I would be JUST a boy mom, and I got totally jealous for a minute. Damn hormones! (PS Sorry about the Superbowl...what a game!!! New England has been WILD for the past 48 hours!!!)

  13. I can understand the tears about not having a little girl... I may have cried once about that same thing! We're going to welcome baby boy #2 in a few months and are so excited. But those crazy hormones sometimes get the best of you and well, the tears come. You are looking great, I always hate seeing the numbers go up on the scale, but I keep telling myself if I could loose it after the first I can do it again.

  14. I read that too about dates. Interesting, huh?! Good idea with the Lara bars. You look great, as always!! :)

  15. As soon as I read "dates" I thought she needs some Lara bars! Ha! They're pretty tasty actually :) I guess I'll have a good excuse to keep eating them :p


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