Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Baby Boom

There is one ginormous baby boom happening in blogland right now!  Pregnant bloggers everywhere; I am loving it!  It's fun to be on this journey right alongside others, going through the same experiences together.  I also happen to love getting mail, so...  I put together a little gift exchange with some of my favorite pregnant mamas!  We are all due within about a month of one another with three of us (Jessi, Jess, & I) sharing the exact same due date!  

I told everyone to be creative with their gifts; they could send something for the mom-to-be or for baby or both!  Sweet sweet Elise sent me a package with all sorts of goodies!  Everything was packaged beautifully with a tag on each gift marked "for mama", "for Liam", & "for Finn".  She told me she sent some of her favorite things, so I couldn't wait to dive into it all.  But of course I snapped some pictures first!  Here is where I mention my moment of "pregnancy brain"...  There was no memory card in my camera.  No memory card, so no pictures.  AND I didn't realize this until yesterday!  I was devastated!  So womp womp; however, I did scramble up a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

So while I can't share the fun little box that was waiting for me, here are the goods!  For Finn, Elise sent the softest whale onesie from Hanna Anderson.  We are huge HA fans in this house, so I was happy to add some new things to baby boy's wardrobe!  My heart just swells seeing teeny tiny clothing on teeny tiny hangers!

For Liam, Elise made an adorable print that says "Every brother is a superhero".  I just love how she sent something homemade.  I can't decide if I'll hang this in Liam's room (the frame matches the letters in there perfectly) or if it will go in the playroom.  Decisions...

And for me, Elise picked out a scarf in her favorite print!  I don't actually own anything in leopard print, so I was excited about this pop of animal print in my life.  Plus, I have a scarf obsession, so it will get plenty of use!  Also, my selfies could really use some work...

Elise was so thoughtful with all her gifts!  Her package was so special and brought a huge smile to my face!  And that was exactly my hope in organizing this exchange.  If you want to see what I sent Ashley's way, pop on over to her blog!

Here is a list of all the beautiful pregnant moms-to-be that joined me in this exchange:

Courtney: A+ Life

Elise: Cheers Y'all

Amanda: Tickled Pink

Jessica: The Newly

Brittany: Perpetually Daydreaming


  1. Wow there really are a lot of pregnant mamas! And just think you guys can do birthday exchanges for this little babies soon too! Ooh I love all the gifts! That handmade print is especially cool!

  2. Such a cute exchange! How fun to have so many babies due around the same time! Where did you get those hooks? I'm looking for something similar for our kitchen.

    1. Even though we bought them fairly recently, I'm having some series pregnant brain right now... But I think we bought them at Lowe's.

  3. I love it all!! Elise did such a great job, and you look great in leopard - you should add a few more pieces ;)

  4. Thanks again for hosting it, and love the goodies you got!!!!!!!!!! Also - THANK YOU for sending something special for me & baby girl!! We love it! XOXOX

  5. I seriously LOVED this so much!!! Excellent exchange!!

  6. What a sweet idea. There are lots of pregnant mama's out there!!!

  7. That onesie is so cute! And I love that scarf!! Leopard scarves are the best and so versatile. Thank you so much for organizing this exchange! It was so so fun!

  8. This is so sweet! There really is a blogger baby boom happening right now - I didn't realize three of you were due on the same day!!! So fun!

  9. Such a fun exchange! Elise did a great job picking sweet gifts! That leopard looks great on you! Thanks so much for hosting!!!

  10. How fun!!! Such a fun idea to come up with an exchange for pregnant mamas!

  11. This makes my heart smile! You make my heart smile! xx

  12. Awww! So nice!! Thank you for putting this together, Laura!

  13. There is totally a baby boom, and I LOVE it! This was the cutest idea to put together an exchange! I must remember to do this with a group of bloggers that I'm pregnant with, when it's my turn!

  14. How fun, and what beautiful pregnant ladies!! :) It is nice to have others going through pregnancies at the same time, and even better once all those babies are here!! Congratulations to you all!!


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