Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not a Girl

So often I am asked how I feel about adding another boy to the family.  Ask and you shall receive... I was thrilled when we found out that baby #2 was a boy, simply thrilled!  I love finding out the gender early, because you get to know just a bit more about that baby growing inside of you.  That baby whose kicks you are already feeling, whom you are already bonding with.  Learning that Liam would have a baby brother was a special moment!  Brothers!!!  I can't wait to see that special bond develop!  I think I surprised many of my friends & family when I didn't seem the least bit disappointed or upset about having another boy.  Interestingly, when I was planning dreaming out my life at the young age of 18, I had always wanted three kids.  Two boys, and then a girl.  So as of right now, I guess I'm right on track for that!

Now having said all this, you should all know that I NEED a girl!  I ache for a girl.  Swoon after a girl.  I often wonder what a little girl of mine would look like...  Would she have blond curls & blue eyes like Liam? Would she look just like me?  My mom & I are as close as mother/daughter could possibly be, so I want to have that relationship again, except in the new role as mother!

I want everything that comes with having a girl!  I want the tea parties & the dress up days.  I want shopping trips & lunch dates.  I want to brush her hair out after a long day and help her relax.  I want to paint our nails together.  I want to wipe away her tears after she loses her first boyfriend, her first love.  I want to help her pick out a prom dress.  I want to help her plan her wedding.  I also want Liam & Finn to have a sister.  I want them to grow up with someone to protect.  I want them to learn from her.  I want the opportunity to raise both boys & girls.

Conor & I are unsure of when our family may be complete.  We're taking it one new baby at a time.  Two kids may be the perfect fit for us.  Or perhaps once Finn is toddling around, we'll want to add another little one.  I really want our decision about whether or not have baby #3 not be influenced by just wanting to try for a girl.  I love my little Liam and feel like I have this whole "boy mom" thing down pretty well.  I know all my construction equipment & various types of trains.  I am a mother of boys, and I'm going to own it!

However, every so often those girl emotions hit me..the reality that I may never have a girl, and it overwhelms me.  But it's not something to worry about today.  Today I have thee most adorable 2 year old boy who loves me fiercely.  He's inquisitive, busy, & the perfect amount of gentle & sensitive.  I am enjoying every last day that it is just the two of us.  The last days that he will be my only boy.  Although this other baby boy growing in my tummy already has my heart too, and I am just dying to meet him!

Life is sweet, my family is perfect, & I am happy.
Today I celebrate all the good!
And hopefully...eventually...
there will come a tomorrow when I'm welcoming a baby girl into the world!


  1. What great perspective, Laura!

    You are so lucky, so lucky to be giving Liam a brother and also you have no idea how blessed you are to have that relationship with your mom.

    I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself on my blog. My mom and I have. Difficult relationship... One that's complicated and just... Not the relationship I want for my daughter and I. I love her because she's my mother. I'm just going to leave it at that... I want so much more for Scarkett and I and feel as though I've been given the life I have because I now get I experience the mother daughter relationship I never had...

    with that being said, just know you're so lucky... Even if you don't have a little girl, you know what that closeness feels like. You've experienced that bond :)

    I also happen to think youre rocking this boy mama thing! It's all about having happy/healthy babies anyway, isn't it? Xoxo

  2. I ache for a girl too but I also love being a boy mom. Growing up I envisioned having 4 kids (I don't want that anymore) and having 3 boys and 1 girl. I have 2 brothers and love being the only girl. I have the best relationship with my mom too and wanted to have one daughter and have the same thing with her. Not sure if it's in the plans for me, so we shall see. But I'm with you that watching the bond of brothers will be amazing!

  3. I can definitely relate to this post, just the opposite side of it! I want my own little Finn running around the house, and I don't know if it will ever happen for us. But that being said, I was not disappointed in the slightest either about having another girl. Just pure happiness and excitement!

  4. You're a great mom Laura! I feel the same way about having boys and girls. If we have a girl someday I would be thrilled, and if we have a boy I will be thrilled! Boys and girls are like apples and oranges, but their mommies love them all the same.

  5. Sweet baby boy!! I am so excited for you, momma! And the relationship your boys will have will be priceless! When I think of having another baby, I would LOVE to give Mia a sister. I never did have one and I would love for her to experience that relationship! But at the same time... I'm SO wanting to know what MY relationship would be like with a son. Oh how I would love to have a little boy! But when it comes down to it, I will be grateful no matter what to be blessed with boy OR girl!

  6. Perfect post girl! We always say that maybe we'll try for a third if the first two are both the same gender but then Seth will joke "well lets just see how baby #1 goes" haha You are such a great boy mom already and just look at it as being the queen bee of the household! Happy weekend to ya'll! xo

  7. What a great post, lady! I am nervous about having a boy, because I know nothing about them. I grew up with two sisters and all my cousins were far away. I know all about the tea parties and makeup, so I'll be a good girl mom right? But, my mom and I were soooo alike teenage years were full of arguments. Now, she's one of my pals.

    I think this post is so sweet and thoughtful. Your lil men are going to love their mama!!!

  8. Love this post! Those are kind of my feelings too. I imagine have two boys first, but really want to have a girl. I'm an only child, so I know nothing about boys and I don't want to be outnumbered and not have anyone to share my girly side with!!

  9. Loved this, so well said! While I have no kids yet, I also really really want/need to have a daughter one day. I've even told my husband I'd adopt a girl if I never had one naturally because I want that relationship SO badly! I can't wait to see Liam and Finn together though - there is something so special about brothers :)

  10. Such a great post and a great perspective! I don't know if we will have another but I can see both sides. I totally want a girl too. For the same reasons. I loved my mom and my relationship (she passed when I was 18). It was the best. I want to paint a little girl's nails, go shopping with her, plan her wedding. BUT at the same time, I love being a boy mom! I think Mason and a potential brother would have such an awesome relationship and I could totally see myself being a soccer/baseball mom. I think that's why it's not up to us what we are having. Someone more powerful knows just what we need and when to give it to us :)

  11. Way to make me turn on the water works... ;) I hope you do have you baby girl one day, but I totally feel like you are rocking this boy mama gig right now. Liam will always be your baby and while he might not be a girl, who is to say that ya'll's bond won't be the one that is the most magical of them all. I'm the oldest of six and everyone of my siblings knows exactly who my mom's "favorite" kid is...her baby boy. Even if ya'll stop at two boys, you have a greater chance of really loving one of your daughter in law's someday. ;) Such a raw & honest post!

  12. oh man all the feels. All the parts about having a little girl. sniff. I never thought about it before having Aria. I kind of always pictured being a boy mom. But, I adore being a girl mom and I hope we can have a strong relationship as she grows. I'm not sure if we are going to end up with another, but I do think it would be wonderful to experience both boy and girl. I agree with Amanda too, you could always have that with a daughter in law.

  13. So sweet, Laura. This really struck a cord with me; I also 'planned' I would have two boys, then a girl, maybe. I wanted that 'brother bond' and then a little girl they would protect. But then a little girl seemed so foreign to me, since I had already figured out the boy thing.. But it's funny how it all works out and seems so perfect. One of the biggest lessons having kids has taught me, there is SO much out of your control - which (to me) makes it so scary and so amazing!! :) So happy for you and your perfectly growing family. :)


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