Monday, March 30, 2015

35 Weeks (Bump #2)

Total Weight Gain: 33 lbs.

Stretch Marks:  Still not a single one, but that linea nigra has made a very subtle appearance.

Belly Button:  Top half out.  It's strange.

Sleep:  My midwife mentioned that tart cherry juice can help with sleep (it naturally raises your melatonin levels), so I bought some at Trader Joe's this week.  I am seriously convinced that it has helped.  While I still wake frequently, the sleep I do get is amazing.  Definitely sleeping deeper, so I'm a believer.

Symptoms: No real appetite and plenty of Braxton Hicks!  I'm having way more BH this time than with Liam.  For awhile I was fairly confident that I would at least hit my due date again, but perhaps not...

Nesting:  I washed all of Liam's 0-6 month clothes that I'm going to use for Finn as well as all the new things I've purchased.  Everything is perfectly folded and put away.  Next up will be to wash all the new tiny newborn diapers.  I've also started to put together the things I want to take to the hospital for baby in my new diaper bag.

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Although I'm rarely hungry, I'm still all about breakfast foods & baked goods!  And fruit; I can always eat fruit!

Staying Active?  Not so much.  At least not many "official" workouts.  I made one trip to the gym this week and took one long walking, hiking, mountain biking (Liam, not me) adventure with Liam.  I have to say, my mindset about working out has completely changed recently.  While it was overly important with me during my first pregnancy (and almost an obsession... I was pulling two-a-days in the final weeks), it's just not right now.  Spring weather is here, and I would much rather be spending my time outside with Liam & friends than in the gym.  I hate sneaking away on weekends just for a workout when I could be enjoying all day with my family.  And let's be honest, Liam keeps me plenty busy & active on a daily basis.  So my "workouts" are probably going to become less of priority in these last few weeks!

Cries: Perhaps a bit emotional, but no tears!

Birth Preparations:  The birth workshop I attended was awesome and helped give me even more confidence for the natural birth that I want.  At my last midwife appt. we discussed Liam's birth at length, and she had a new outlook on my experience.  She thinks I experienced long prodromal labor. This something I hadn't heard about before.  I have since read lots about it and many other birth stories, and I have completely different view of Liam's birth.  I feel prepared for if that happens again and just have a better understanding in general.  I'm am getting so excited for the birth experience again!


  1. Who needs official workouts if you are hiking with Liam in the beautiful spring weather!? It's a workout for your body and soul! Oh and maybe I should try tart cherry juice! I've always been a light sleeper and just last night had 3 hours in the middle of the night where I couldn't get back to sleep!

  2. WOW, 35 weeks, so close, lady! I think your focus on workouts is great, I'm sure chasing a toddler around is enough exercise :)! Hope you have a great week.

  3. Good to know about that cherry juice! I might have to give that a try. And I think chasing after a toddler would be enough of a workout, especially at 35 weeks! Hope you're feeling good. We're getting close!!

  4. My gosh our pregnancies are so similar! lol It seems like I can't possibly have enough oatmeal bars, cereal, and fruit! Not to mention the seemingly never ending braxton hicks.

    1. So similar! I'm seriously watering at the mouth thinking about when the Farmer's Market will open up and all the amazing fruit they will have!

  5. Looking great!!! I have not heard about cherry juice, but after my night last night, I'll try anything!! The top half of my belly button is out, weird!

  6. So close now!! And I'm addicted to baked goods right now, too. We always seem to have them around the house this time of year and I pretty much ate an entire coffee cake by myself this weekend!

  7. hmmm that's good to know about the cherry juice, i might have to give it a try lol. or maybe i should wait until i get pregnant so it really helps then ;)

  8. I'm loving your midwife. She sounds so educated and really open to dialogue. I'm so excited that you are geared up in a new light about your impending birth and also about Liam's birth. So very exciting.
    Good to know about the tart cherry juice, love insight on natural remedies. Also, glad to know I'm not the only one that is just now getting my linea in, so weird! It showed up with Lily, I feel, right away and took FOREVER to disappear.

  9. Your midwife sounds amazing. I've just started up rereading birth stories and things this last week or so and just set up my appointment with my naturopath to discuss what supplements and things to start taking in preparation. I was feeling pretty nervous about the upcoming birth, but of course, the more I'm reading positive birth stories the more excited it is making me feel again :)

    Hooray for 35/35!!

  10. Love your top! And you look amazing! I say definitely enjoy the time with just you and Liam now and don't worry so much about the workouts. Plus, if he is anything like Mason, you are getting plenty enough work out just by running after him!

  11. Tart cherry juice - who knew! That sounds wonderful esp since you feel like it is working.
    I'm so amazed you are excited for giving birth again. You sound so prepared, and like you've done all sorts of things to get that way. I feel like Aria came so early that I didn't even have time to worry about it, which may have been a bonus in the end.


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