Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fresh New Look

I have a brand new spanking pair of glasses that I'm pretty excited about!  I rarely post pictures of myself wearing glasses, since I really only wear them at night and in the mornings, but that doesn't mean I don't love them!  I've had glasses since I was in 2nd grade, and let's just say I've been pretty self conscious about them for years!  I have terrible vision, so my lenses were always huge and seemed to take over my face.  I hated them.  I switched to contacts in 6th grade and never looked back!  Then glasses became trendy all of sudden.  If all the hipsters were rocking them, so could I!

So about 2 years ago, I actually invested in a pair that I liked and would wear outside my house.  They have been perfect, but I'm always terrified that Liam is just going to rip them apart one day.  I'm actually shocked it has yet to happen.  So when Firmoo contacted me about trying out a new pair, I jumped on the opportunity!  A back up pair of glasses is just what this mom needs, plus it gave me an opportunity to get something new.

Firmoo is an online retailer, which makes shopping easy peasy.  I've always loved shopping online, but that love is even stronger now that I have a toddler.  The less errands I have to drag him on the better!  So after the little tot was asleep one night, I simply oogled all the pretty options, made my selection (tortoise shell for the win), & put in my prescription info.  The site if very user friendly; I had no idea how to read my glasses Rx, but the site walked me through it all!

I know you are all loving this post for the simple fact that you get to see all these incredibly awkward photos of me.  "Oh hey!  I'm just lounging here in bed on this sunny Saturday morning, making a few smirks, while trying to convince my toddler to get dressed for the day.  But aren't my new glasses just the best?!"  One of these days I will get comfortable taking solo photos, but today is not that day.  

Anywhoo, my glasses are awesome!  I loved working with Firmoo and completely recommend them!  Good news for any of you glassed people out there, new customers can get a 50% off code here.  Go for the tortoise shell; you won't be disappointed!


  1. They look great! I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to glasses/contacts! I'm so glad glasses have become stylish! I now wear my contacts all day, but when noah was first born I lived in my glasses. It's always nice to have a pair we actually like.

  2. You look great in those glasses, lady! Firmoo is such a great company to work with, right?

  3. hahahaha making a few smirks, trying to get my toddler dressed for the day - love it. those glasses look fabulous on you!

  4. I suppose since I didn't HAVE to wear them, I always wanted glasses. I've always been tempted to get some frames to wear for fun. These look great!! What a fun opportunity. :)

  5. Firmoo is the best and I love how easy it is! Those glasses look amazing on you! Xo, Stephanie


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