Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ski Bum

I love skiing... everything about it.  The early mornings, cozy clothes, fast runs, slow chairlift rides, views, workouts, & post ski drinks!  I love the culture & the atmosphere.  So needless to say, I couldn't way to get Liam on his very first pair!  I believe I started skiing when I was two, and it was something I quickly mastered yet barely remember.  I have some small memories tucked away of my red & white boots and Rossignol skis (rooster logo included), but not much else.  Our hope was that Liam would pick it up quickly as well and learn to enjoy the sport as much as Conor & I do!

His very first day on the slopes was at Park City Mountain Resort; he started his skiing career in luxury to say the least!  Liam has plenty of little friends (some even younger than he) that are learning to ski too, which has made our trips up the mountain even more exciting.  Plus, I was able to get advice from other moms on gear as well as teaching techniques.

Liam has done amazing since his very first day.  He is by no means lacking any confidence and would prefer to ski down the bunny hill as fast as possible!  He squeals with delight as he picks up speed and never worries about falling or crashing, although I try to snatch him up before that happens.  We do lots of practicing on a small area of the bunny hill where they have a magic carpet that takes you just a little ways up.  It's perfect for right now since I'm not actually skiing with Liam; I decided to sit this year out being pregnant and all...  We also ride the chairlift sometimes, which Liam is in awe over!   I use a harness and leashes to help steer him down the mountain, but it is quite the workout for me!  I'm literally running behind him as fast as I can and hoping that my belly band will keep holding my snow pants up for just a couple more months!

The smiles, rosy cheeks, & pink nose are all worth it!  Skiing has by far become one of my favorite activities to do with Liam.  I love still being able to enjoy the outdoors with him through the winter and witnessing some blue bird mornings together.  And talk about proud mama moments!  I am obviously biased, but I think he is just the most amazing little 2 year old skier there ever was!  It is exhilarating to watch him excel at something and to see huge improvements each week!!!  He shows a lot of pride in himself too!

I thought it would be helpful to share some toddler skiing essentials (other than the obvious gear of skis, boots, etc.) for those that are curious or considering hitting the slopes with little ones in tow!

1. Patagonia long underwear2. Smartwool socks / 3. Edgie Wedgie
Now we're off to hit the slopes!  
Gotta get in some more practice before he's ready for actual ski school next year, eek! 


  1. How fun that you live close to some really amazing skiing! I grew up skiing but haven't done it since high school! My dad took my brother and I to park city when I was 8 and I loved it! My parents were just talking about planning a ski trip (closer to home) next year. East coast skiing though is like skiing on ice. I'm glad to see all the helmets now, kids and head injuries scare me. I mentioned skiing to Chris when we were dating and he was hesitant to go because the last time he went he fell and hit his head on some ice!

  2. I love this so much! I think Liam is adorable in all of his gear! I think I've told you this before, but I've never been skiing. This might be what it takes. Picturing Wyatt all decked out, so cute!!

  3. I LOVE SKIING!!! So cool you live so close to a REAL mountain with real skiing snow. I started skiing in 3rd grade and loved it ever sense. I think it's amazing that Liam is learning so young, he looks like he loves it!

  4. How fun. How cute! What a mom workout. Chris would probably love to take Aria. I've never been myself. Not much snow in FL.

  5. I'm so glad he is loving skiing!! I bet you can't wait to get back out there next year - this makes me want to go again, too!

  6. awww this is so adorable! i have never been skiing, i went snowboarding once or twice and it was fun! i think it's great that he's learning now :)

  7. So much fun!!! I can't wait to take our kids for a family ski trip. Some of mine and my husband's favorite memories are ski trips. We also love tiny little ski resort towns in their off seasons. Absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Little kids on skis are so impressive to me (and absolutely adorable)!! What a fun family activity. :)

  9. He is absolutely adorable! It sounds like it was a wonderful trip! Xo, Stephanie


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