Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Love...

Still no sign of Finn making his arrival, but I am being patient.  Instead of just waiting for baby, I have been keeping up my normal routine with Liam.  I am so focused on him in these final days!  I want this time of just the two of us to last forever; yet, I can't wait for the arrival of baby brother either!  It's hard to wrap my head around it all, so many emotions.  So while Liam remains my number one focus for another few days, here are some of the things I am just loving about my sweet sweet boy!

I love... he tells Charlie to "stop snoring" whenever he is purring.

...when he strokes my hair (especially when it's curled) to find a bit of comfort.

...his love of music & dancing.
Current favorites: Uptown Funk, Sugar, & Thinking Out Loud

...the toddler conversations he has with friends.
Most recently a discussion about nap time:
L: Is it not time for you to go home yet.
Q: I have to take a nap.
L: Yeah, I have to take a nap too.

...his imaginative play.
It usually involves cooking of some sort or trucks stuck in the mud.

Each day with him is incredible.  
I love my boy and cannot believe I'm lucky enough to have another here soon!


  1. Haha toddlers talking about naps... Priceless! I love when Noah plays with my hair for comfort too... It really does feel nice! Have fun with Liam while you wait :). Oh and where is Liam's bed frame from?

  2. OH wow, I can only imagine all the feels of enjoying your first child while waiting excitedly to meet your second. This is a wonderful post and something Liam can look at when he's older. So sweet!

  3. So sweet, he is just adorable, mama! So excited for you!

  4. aww he is so adorable. my best friend just welcomed her 3rd son yesterday and the older boys (11 and 2) are just amazing with him. Liam is gonna be a great big brother!

  5. Keep on enjoying your one child days – I’m sure these days are so sweet for you! The waiting for your second sweetheart must be such a mix of excitement, impatient, joy, etc.

  6. While I don't have a boy, I can understand the feeling of how each and every day spent with our children is just a blessing. I can't imagine waking up one day and realizing my child is 30, but for now, spending this unforgettable time with her as my "little" baby will always be a time that I look back on fondly. Liam will be the best big brother to Finn :)

  7. Glad you are enjoying your time with just you two! You are going to blink like I did and be a few months in to the mom of 2 thing, and wonder where the time went. And my Carter is always getting his trucks and tractors 'stuck in the mud' too! :) Not sure what is so fun about that or where he even picked it up, but it is precious.

  8. He is adorable! I'm glad you're enjoying so much time together.
    It's such an exciting time for you. Enjoy and best of luck! XOXO

  9. Sweet, sweet boy. Love the conversations. Wyatt is just now getting to where he'll interact with kids on the playground. I can only imagine what he'll say once he starts talking to them.

    Enjoy this time, it's definitely special.

  10. This is so sweet and such special little things to remember. Such a handsome boy. :)

  11. You have one of the sweetest boys to call your own! Such a special time for your family! Xo, Stephanie


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