Monday, May 4, 2015

40 Weeks (Bump #2)

Well my due date came & went on Saturday.  I'm actually being quite patient and waiting until my body & my baby are ready!  I received many sweet calls & texts on my due date with words of support that were much appreciated.  I think it's actually a bit fun to hit your actual due date and celebrate making it "all the way."  Now, we wait...

Total Weight Gain: 40 lbs.  Bring on the water retention!

Stretch Marks: Still none.  Looks like I have made it through a second pregnancy mark free!

Wedding Rings On/Off:  While I am starting to swell up in my hands & feet just the teeniest bit, my ring is able to stay on.

Belly Button: Top half out!

Symptoms: Little pains here or there, but feeling surprisingly great for full term!

Labor Signs: Some cramping on & off for the past week, but otherwise absolutely no sign that labor is starting anytime soon.  My mom is scheduled to leave Thursday, so hopefully he arrives before then!  I do not see myself having to write a 41 week post...

Food Cravings/Aversions:  Sweets & fruit!  My mom made a huckleberry pie (my favorite) as a bit of a "birthday cake" celebration on my due date.  It was amazing!  She also brought all the same homemade goodies she did when I went into labor with Liam.  Raspberry jam, snickerdoodles, & ginger snaps!

Staying Active?  Still keeping up with the little guy and takes walks here & there, but I am slowing down for sure.

Cries: Not a single one!

Liam's Thoughts:  Conor & I had a date night while Liam stayed home with my mom.  He thought this was when we were having the baby.  It amazes me how much he really understands, and he definitely knows that it is any day now.  Can't wait until little L is officially a big brother!

Looking Forward To:  Baby boy's arrival!  Seriously could be any minute or day!


  1. I was half expecting to find out you had the baby this weekend! Kate Middleton made me a little (or a lot) jealous to hear how fast her second labor was and how amazing she looked afterwards! Here's hoping Finn comes before Thursday!

  2. Who looks as good as you at 40 weeks?! No one! You look incredible!
    Watch out, those stretch marks can make an appearance AFTER baby! I delivered Mia at 40 weeks and 4 days with zero stretch marks. About a week after she was born I noticed two very faint stretch marks near my belly button. UGH! I read that when stretch marks can appear if your stomach shrinks too quickly as well. Not fair!!
    Praying for a safe and smooth delivery for you and sweet baby boy!

  3. EEEK! Due date, wow, I'm so excited for you!!! <3!

  4. Come on Finn!! I'm guessing tomorrow will be the big day :)

  5. I don't think you'll be writing a 41 week update either! I love the idea of making it to due date as well. Apparently we're the only ones in the world who think that :p

    I just read some of your posts that you've written recently that I'd missed and I LOVED hearing about your blessingway! Seriously wonderful and amazing.

  6. You look gorgeous mama! I'm hoping that since it's late on a Tuesday you may have gone into labor? Can't wait to hear your update on if you've given birth.


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