Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Day with Two

Today, with Finn being exactly three weeks old, I had my first solo day taking care of both boys. I had been somewhat excited & nervous about this for the past week. It was something that seemed so daunting beforehand, yet when today arrived I was ready! It's amazing how quickly a "new normal" develops. Being a new family of four has been exhausting but relatively easy at the same time. It feels like it was always meant to be this way!

Conor woke me up just before leaving for work at 7am. Finn & I had a short snuggle & nursing session on the couch before big brother sleepily walked downstairs to join us. Liam wanted to watch a show, which I reluctantly gave in to. For the most part, Liam has had no screen time since he was born. We watch the occasional holiday movie or live sports game, but typically no TV or iPad for him. This is something that has always been important to me. However, I don't want it to become something that is so off limits that he will only want it more & more. So slowly we have been having just a bit of screen time. Today he wanted to watch trains, so I found an episode of Chuggington On Demand. That 20 minute show gave me just enough time to finish feeding Finn as well as get myself ready for the day (hair & makeup included)!

Then it was time for breakfast where Liam had an epic meltdown over the last two homemade cinnamon rolls from Nana. Apparently Liam did not want me to eat one. We quickly made it through those tears, and I was hopeful that we still had a happy day ahead of us. Then came another meltdown (mellower than the first, but a meltdown nonetheless) upon the discovery that I had thrown out all the play-doh because it was old & dry. While I did this over a week ago, he of course chose my first day of solo parenting to notice. Promises were made to go pick out some new play-doh, so again tears were wiped and we moved on! 

Finn had a pretty calm morning (he's almost always calm, thank goodness), so I easily got Liam dressed (between reading multiple books) and a bag packed... diapers, snacks, extra clothes for both, blankets, a carrier, etc. Note to self: start packing a bag the night before! We were all loaded up and in the car with big smiles by 9:30am, and it only took the help of three skittles, ha! Today I met some friends at our favorite truck park for a playdate. Liam was able to get the crazies out while I got some much needed mom time with the other women! It was nice to have the extra eyes on Liam as well as the extra hands for when I was taking Finn in & out of the wrap or loading him in the car. Our first outing alone was pretty much a breeze. Per usual Finn slept almost the whole time, only waking twice to nurse! 

Finn fell asleep on the ride home, which made lunchtime & nap time with Liam easy as well. I was able to go about my normal routine with Liam (two books in bed beforehand and then I lay with him 'til he falls asleep) which helps our day go more smoothly. Plus, I love being able to keep some things the same for Liam, and our nap time snuggles are a big one! Miraculously, at 1pm both boys were sleeping!!! I managed to clean up a bit, do some laundry, and finally (FINALLY) sit down at my 
computer to catch up on emails and do a bit of blogging! This is my outlet, and I have missed it! 

My afternoon was a long one since Conor had to work late. When the boys woke up, I felt like I had an entire day still ahead of me, but we managed. There was lots of nursing while reading book after book to Liam. It's the perfect way for me to meet both of my boys needs at the same time. Plus, I love all the snuggles! Later, I was feeling brave and decided to hit the grocery store with both in tow. I picked up the fixin's for dinner as well as ingredients for some homemade banana bread. I thought that would be the perfect activity to get us through the rainy afternoon. Our trip was a success, which was pleasantly surprising! Liam & I baked while Finn slept, with only one brief break for a quick nursing session! The rain eventually subsided just before the witching hour was due to begin. Liam was able to ride his bike around with the neighbors while Finn & I watched from the comfort of the porch. It was the perfect way to welcome home Conor from a long day at work. We were both exhausted at only 7am, so instead of cooking dinner we opted for some take out burritos. Quick & easy! Conor handled bath time for Liam, while I finally snuck in a shower. I nursed Finn to sleep at 9pm and then laid down with Liam who was out by 9:30pm. Immediately following, the wine was poured! Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture today. It's not that the day wasn't worth documenting, but I never had a moment to snap that perfect shot. The one that would capture this milestone. Instead I lived in the moment. Every one of them.

And tomorrow we get to do it all over again.
I hope each day that follows is as wonderful as the one before.
I know I have some challenges that will surely be ahead of me, but for now...
life with two is simply wonderful!


  1. Wow your first day doing it all by yourself went great! Noah has those same kind of meltdowns. But just like Liam, explaining it and telling him you'll get more play doh usually helps ;). How's the whole sleep thing going at night? Do you all just sleep together or is Liam now sleeping in his own?

  2. Good for you lady! I already worry about how to handle two and I'm nowhere near having #2 yet! You give me hope that it actually is doable! :) Hope day 2 goes well!

  3. I've been thinking about you a lot, friend. I knew you would be 'solo' parenting during the day with Conor at work. I'm so glad your first day went well, despite a few meltdowns [oh kids haha]. I think it's awesome you limit his ipad or tv time. We don't have kids, so I'm speaking from NO experience, but that is the route we plan to take when it's time. I see barely one year olds able to navigate an ipad and just think 'what is going on'!

  4. So glad your first day alone with two went well! Happy that Liam is adjusting to his new 'big brother' role pretty well and Finn sounds like an angel baby!

  5. You go mama! So happy that your first day of solo parenting went well! Finn sounds like the perfect chill baby and luckily that allows you to maintain a similar routine that Liam is used to.
    Have you ever shared what you fill your days with activity-wise with Liam? I am guilty of letting Mason watch more TV than I would care to sometimes and could use some ideas on how to fill the time instead of that. I mean, we have books, puzzles, toys, etc but I'm always looking for new, engaging ideas!

  6. That's amazing! Glad things are going so well for you guys. tantrums aside. Baking is a fave way to pass the time. I should try more in the afternoon, we usually do ours in the morning.

  7. Life with two IS wonderful! So glad your day was filled with happiness and memories! I too find that I am left with no pictures at the end of the day. We wake earlier and yet somehow the days fly by even faster than before. I hope you continue to have wonderful days ahead of you and your sweet family!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful first day!! One thing that always helped (and helps now) was lying down with Stella during Wyatt's nap time. That helped get her on the same afternoon nap routine as him. It's nice having some time to myself now in the afternoons. Hope y'all have a great rest of the week!

  9. Wow it sounds like the day went really smoothly, minus the meltdowns but you know... toddlers. ;) It makes me excited to add to our family, I'm nervous for what it will be like with two, but you make it sound so easy!!

    1. You will do great; I swear a positive mental attitude can make all the difference. And while this day was easy, the afternoon today was definitely not. I know there will plenty of both good & bad days!

  10. So glad to hear!! We also limit screen time; while on maternity leave, I would work in a quick Sesame Street or something of the sort after breakfast and that gave me time to nurse/and get ready for the day. It became a little thing that helped with a smooth start and Tyson really enjoyed it and I noticed he was really paying attention and would be able to tell me what the letter of the day was, etc. Also, the meltdowns over things they might normally not throw a fit over, totally normal and it will get better. :) Sounds like you are handling it all with ease; I want to compliment you, motherhood seems like it's just second nature to you and you always appear to handle it with such ease. Good for you for enjoying these day to day moments, as we all know they go by too quickly!! :) xo

  11. Sounds like you really were made for this! (loved your hubby's comment on that picture- made me teary eyed!)

  12. This makes me super excited! Our family will be four in a matter of weeks. I can't wait!

  13. I am so happy that your first day with both boys went well! I hope you have a relaxing weekend planned! Xo, Stephanie


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