Friday, May 15, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday

We are still in newborn heaven over here!  This weekend we are having another lifestyle photo shoot done now that Finn has joined the family, so I'm excited for those.  It's supposed to be super rainy, so I see plenty of snuggles on the couch happening.  Even with the bad weather, the waterpark close to our house opens this weekend!  Conor & Liam may sneak off and brave the rain for a few water slides.  And then my mom arrives Sunday afternoon to help me through next week while Conor heads back to work.  Exciting things ahead!  Here's my (sometimes) weekly five...   As always, thanks to Karli for hosting.

Erin posted about these bandies the other day, and I couldn't scoop up a set for myself fast enough!  I seriously hate bibs, especially drool bibs.  But I also hate drool & wet clothes.  The bandies are adorable and quite stylish!  I'm actually looking forward to the day that I get to snap one of these of cute little Finn!

I have been eyeing this floral chiffon maxi dress!  It's perfectly beautiful for spring & summer.  Casual but could also be worn to baby showers or bridal showers.  The only thing keeping me from the purchase is that this dress is strapless... Probably not nursing friendly.  I still may give it a try though!

How delicious does this strawberry rhubarb jam look?!  I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since I saw a pin for it.  Might be making some jam with my mom this week, especially since she is an expert jammer!

So some of you may laugh at me, but I had been using iPhoto to edit my photos for the past year or so.  I liked how easy & intuitive it was.  I really only crop, brighten, or sharpen my images...very little editing, so I don't need any crazy programs.  Anyways, after the most recent update on my computer iPhoto is gone!!!  I don't like change, so I'm being very stubborn about figuring out how to edit my photos now.  So everyone, please tell me what you use for editing.  I'm looking for easy, inexpensive options!

Because I can't resist sharing at least one photo of my boys together...

TGIF friends!
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  1. That jam! That dress! And the picture of your two sweet littles together!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!! Love it all! Have a fab weekend!

  2. How did iPhoto disappear? You have a Mac and it's gone?? I use iPhoto too and I'm scared now!

  3. Love the matching dinosaur jammies. your boys are the cutest! that dress is so pretty to, but i agree about the strapless thing and nursing! and....that jam looks absolutely delicious!!

    have a fantastic weekend! :) And enjoy your time with your mom!

  4. That jam looks amazing. mouth watering. I hope you guys get to make some. Rainy day snuggles are the best. What a pretty dress. I recall having a limited wardrobe while I was nursing Aria and then when she weaned it took me a while to remember I could wear all sorts of clothes again haha.

  5. iphoto is gone?!?!?! How do you upload photos?! I'll be honest... I don't really even edit photos, mainly because I don't know how (I know, I know!), but all my photos are stored in iPhoto so I don't even know what I would do if it was gone...

  6. Yay!!! I'm about to be bombarded with more perfect family pictures. I can't wait!! :) And you know, I'm totally thrilled your mama is coming back. I can't wait for my mom to get here! One more week!

  7. That picture is so sweet and perfect!! Our pool just opened up here and I know it's freezing cold but I'm so itching to get in it! Enjoy the cuddles and have a great weekend!!

  8. I can't believe iPhoto just disappeared off your computer! What the heck? If you don't mind doing editing on your phone (for when you're taking pictures on there), I looove VSCO cam! Happy weekend!

  9. So exciting that your mom is coming to help you with the boys. I can't get over how cute those two are together :) I can't wait to add to our family. Now I really want strawberry jam too... Hope you're having a great weekend :)

    1. Yes, so much excitement in our house! I'm still so happy for your family and that you get to be experiencing this all very soon too!

  10. Those bandies are adorable!! We've got some serious slobber going on over here and I'm not a bib fan either so I might need to check those out.
    Oh, those boys together are precious. I'm loving Liam's haircut!! I hope he is settling in nicely as a big brother!! :)

  11. Oh my goodness, that picture of the boys is adorable! And that maxi looks so comfy! Xo, Stephanie


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