Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday

Fri-yay, I am so happy you are here!  I look forward to our weekends and all sorts of family time, especially now that we are a family of four and that time is all the more precious.  We have no specific plans, but I'm sure we'll find ourselves at the waterpark at some point!  I may not quite be bikini ready, but that's not going to stop me!  Here's my (sometimes) weekly five...   As always, thanks to Karli for hosting.

I've been wanting to rebrand my blog for awhile; it has simply changed so much since I first began.  I already know what the new name will be, now I just need to move forward with a new blog design.  Any advice about changing domain names and how that affects traffic, stats, pinterest, and links back to your blog are very much appreciated.  I'm a little intimidated to make the switch!  I've been looking through different color palettes for the new design and right now I'm loving these blueberry tones.

Conor took Liam to his very first play last weekend!  While I was sad to miss out on this fun (and noteworthy) event, I know it was a special father/son moment!  It was Winnie-the-Pooh, but the costumes were pretty abstract (no big bear suit) & a very simple set, so the children had to use their imagination more.  It was two hours long with a brief intermission, but apparently Liam was completely engaged the whole time!  I can't wait to take him to his next one!

We finally got the call we've been waiting for... Liam has been moved off the waitlist and is officially enrolled in preschool this Fall!  The woman who called informed me that his first day would be August 24th, and I about had a heart attack!  It feels so soon!!!  Let the backpack shopping begin!

I am pretty much back to my normal routine with Liam, which means plenty of outdoors time.  With all the sun & heat we'll have this summer, I really need a pop up shade tent for Finn & I.  Something that I can easily put up & take down by myself.  I've done quite a bit of research, and as of now I'm leaning towards this one.  I have yet to actually make the purchase, because I'm not loving the color options...ridiculous I know!

I am loving this Hatch "preggers" t-shirt!  I wish I had discovered it a few months ago.  But crazily enough, I'm considering purchasing it anyway since I am fairly convinced that there will be a baby #3 at some point!

TGIF friends!
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  1. Haha I love that you're considering a third already. You're a rockstar. I'm excited to see what you do with the blog in your rebrand. I'm also thinking about changing my name and rebranding but I want it to be along the same lines as my photography when I do start that up. The wedding this summer will solidify whether or not I feel serious about it all :) As for changing domain names... are you planning on staying with blogspot? If you are it's so simple to just buy your own domain name and transfer your current blog to it... then people can still type in your url (the original one) and it just forwards to the new one. As for pinterest, you have to contact them, and bloglovin... and I believe Facebook as well if you're changing your name. I didn't have much trouble with any of them when I did the switch to WP so I can't imagine it'll be too difficult for you!

    1. Good idea to what with a rebrand, so you can line it up with your photography! I hope you move forward with that! I am planning on staying with blogspot for now (wordpress terrifies me), and although it seems easy, it's still stressing me out! I may email you for help when I get started on it!

  2. I just bought a pop up tent at target for $30. We had a tent for Noah's first summer but it took forever to put up! I haven't tried this one yet, maybe I should test it out this weekend. That's great that Liam did well at the play. We will be taking noah and his cousins to an outdoor play in the park this summer. I hope he will do well but figure if he doesn't at least it's outside, super casual, and free ;). Have a great weekend!

  3. Love that you're changing your blog design; can't wait to see!!

    Can't wait to take the kids to plays!! That's something my mom and I love to do together so I can't wait for them to join us!

    We're getting a popup tent as well. We're going with a Genji Sports one. It's blue, if that makes you feel better. ;)

    And that shirt is adorbs! I probably need to go ahead and get it too! ;)

  4. I want to change my blog name too! But right now I just can't put much time into it. Can't wait to see what you do! the play sounds so cute! Happy weekend!!

    1. I've been wanting to rebrand for awhile, but was waiting to see if my blog was something I would keep up with two kids... I think I can handle it, so I'm excited to move forward!

  5. Awww a blog design, so much fun. I have no advice because I paid for mine, haha. Love your palette, though.

    Hooray for moving off the wait list, that's awesome!

    Eek baby #3, so cool. I'll be hopefully getting to baby number one someday ;)!

    happy Friday, pretty mama.

  6. The blueberry tones are perfect!! Love those colors! The preggers shirt is adorable – definitely go for it!

  7. rebranding isn't that bad!! and if you bought a domain name, you can redirect traffic really easily! Look up wonderforrest blogger domain name change on google and a tutorial should pop up on how to change it. I used the wonder forrest tutorial to change mine and it has been seamless :) you got this!! and I need a tent, too! I have been wanting to go camping soooo bad!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  8. I have this tent and hate it ! Was such a hassle with two kids dealing with the poles and spreading out the tent and was just a pain. So, this year i bought this one the pacific breeze easy up beach tent.
    its awesome !
    poles are permanent so you pull up and snapped two pieces together. Literally up in seconds ! And its a pretty blue ;)

    1. Thanks for the insight! I was actually eyeing the pacific breeze too (it's so pretty), so thanks to you, I'll go with that one!

  9. Oh---and yay for Montessori!! We are sooooooo happy with it and Carter loves it! He's going for a few mornings of summer camp there to keep him into the school mode for the fall! Liam will love it- I so wish we lived near each other- they would be best buds, i'm sure!

    1. So glad to hear you've had such a great experience with it! I went to Montessori for preschool & kindergarten, and my grandma was a Montessori teacher so I'm really in love with the style!

  10. Yea for Fridays!! :)
    Love the colors for your blog re-design, can't wait to see the new do. I've been wanting to get a 'real' layout since what I have is just what I've done messing around (there's so much to learn/do, I'm thinking just paying someone to do what I want--now where to start..?).
    That play sounds awesome, I'd much rather something like that than a movie.. I'll have to check if we have something like that locally!!
    So exciting (and probably a little sad) for Liam to start school. :) He'll do great!!
    #4&5 - YES!! :)

  11. Can't wait to see the blog update! And congrats on getting off that waitlist! Breath a sigh of relief now!! Yay!

  12. ooh I love the blueberry colors. No advice on changing everything over, but I'm excited to see the final results in the end!!
    Wow two hours of interest. That sounds amazing haha. Very cool.


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