Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When Liam Met Finn

I'm a planner.  And in my mind, I had perfectly planned out the moment that Liam would first meet Finn.  I would be cleaned up, in my regular clothes, & laying in the hospital bed while Finn would be swaddled & in Conor's arms.  I wanted Liam to be able to run right up to me and snuggle up in bed.  First connecting with me after our time apart, and then meeting Finn.  He would get to hold his brother, while Conor & I would watch the very beginning of their relationship.

Well of course you can't plan these things, so that moment I just described never happened... at least not the way I initially imagined.  But what we had instead was much better.  It was spontaneous & raw, and exactly what I wanted in hindsight!  So...  after my fast & furious labor, Conor called my mom to tell her that Finn had been born.  She could hearing him crying in the background as soon as she answered the call and just couldn't believe it happened so fast.  Conor knew she was disappointed to have missed the birth, so he made the quick decision to have her come to the hospital right away with Liam!

When Conor told me they were on their way, I was caught off guard.  I wasn't prepared for Liam to see me so vulnerable.  But more so, I just wasn't ready for the moment.  I had yet to make it out of bed, & Finn was still a bit purple & messy.  I thought that may be a bit intimidating for a toddler.  It was not how I had planned it! But of course I was more than thrilled to be seeing them both, & so I embraced it.  

Less than a half hour after Finn was born, they arrived.  Conor took Liam in his arms and slowly brought him to my bedside, as my mom practically ran to me for hugs, kisses, & tears!  At first, Liam was incredibly shy and only wanted to look at Finn from a distance.  He seemed to be in a bit of shock & awe, just taking in everything.  But no less than 5 minutes later, he was crawling all over Finn & I.  He kept giving Finn such sweet kisses, and always making sure that they baby was covered with a blanket.  We snuggled, shared snacks, & opened one of his big brother gifts (a new race car). 

Our first time together as a family of four flew by.  Soon it was nearing bedtime, & we had to say our goodbyes.  I was incredibly sad to see Liam go.  In fact, I asked my midwife about being discharged as soon as possible, but that was going to be in the middle of the night, so we decided to get some sleep & wait until the morning.  That was my first night away from Liam, and it was a bit tough on us both.

When morning came, we had a few hiccups causing us a delayed discharge (more on this another time).  So instead of bringing Finn home in time for breakfast, Nana & Liam came back to the hospital.  And while Liam had technically already met Finn, this was still a big moment... he was finally going to be able to hold his baby brother!  Liam had been talking about this for weeks leading up to the birth!  I could not wait to see my littlest in the arms of my big grown up toddler!  And that first holding did not disappoint!  Liam was excited, yet gentle & calm.  Watching Conor place Finn in Liam's arms made my heart burst!  I have never witnessed so much love!  I couldn't take my eyes off of all three of my boys!

Brothers.  Something that I just love saying!  I see so much of Liam in Finn.  I hope they grow up with a fierce bond & love for one another.  Liam already can't wait for Finn to be able to hold onto a car.  He tries to see if Finn can do it on a daily basis!  Their relationship is constantly growing.  There has been no jealousy or animosity at all.  I had suspected this would be the case, but it was still a relief to see how well Liam accepted Finn into the family.  If anything, Liam is a little too obsessed with Finn; he's overly affectionate.  He wants to constantly give him kisses or hold his hand, even if Finn is sleeping, or eating, or upset.  He probably gives out a good hundred kisses a day.  Sometimes he have to tell Liam to step back or to give Finn some space, which makes for a sad Liam.  "But I just want to kiss him..." It breaks my heart & is frustrating all at the same time!  But Finn already adores Liam too!  His little eyes will track Liam all over the room; he is so curious about what big brother is up to.  I can only imagine all the fun this ahead for these two boys!

And while this post was mostly about the boys, I still had to share this sweet photo of Finn & his Nana!  She was there for all these first moments too, and we were happy to have her share in all the joy!  Finn has no idea how lucky he is to have her!!!

I can't believe this was already 4 weeks ago!  
Time is flying by!


  1. This is so sweet!!! I cannot wait for Pale to meet her new baby sibling in just a few short months!! I have to remember to capture the moment on camera. Liam is the sweetest, "but I just want to kiss him" so cute!!!

  2. "But I just wanna kiss him!" Bless! This is s beautiful story!!! Thank you for sharing! xx

  3. Aww brotherly love! These pictures melt my heart! I suspected Liam would handle it well, he seems like a very sweet and loving boy. Was he up a lot that night you were in the hospital? I've never been away from noah either and worry about that the most.

  4. So sweet!!!! This is one of the things I am most excited for!!!!

  5. I think motherhood teaches you that you can't plan everything and things will just go how they are meant to go! It's like a test for type A mommas like us! But your sweet pictures show that it was a great first meeting of the brothers!

    1. So so true! But yes, still a great first meeting! I keep replaying the moment over & over again!

  6. Oh, you've got me tearing up!! There is something so sweet and special about siblings, especially this first meeting. :) I'm glad that even though it wasn't as planned (that happened for us too, problem with being a planner), it all went well. Such sweet boys!! Liam is such an awesome big brother.

  7. Awww what a sweet post. Brothers, what a sweet sweet word. The fact Liam wants Finn to hold a car is too precious and him holding his lil bro for the first time is just heart warming! I'm glad that even though it wasn't the moment you envisioned it was still an amazing moment.

  8. So precious!! Liam has always seemed like such a little lover and such a sweet boy so I'm sure he is taking perfect care of his little brother!! Just perfect!

  9. This is SO sweet! I'm glad to hear he is adjusting so well. Abigail has had a bit of a hard time, but nothing towards Mabel in the slightest. She LOVES her, she is just also testing me ;)

  10. This is just too sweet! He's so happy to be holding his baby brother! Wyatt's just now warming up to Stella, in the affection department. He's still not too keen on holding her though. He'd rather just use a really high-pitched sweet voice, ha.

  11. Such a sweet post! So glad to hear he is adjusting well and that you are having some of the same problems we are. We aren't experiencing jealousy, it is overzealous love being thrown around over here. I hear the "I was just kissing him.." song all day long and it is absolutely heartbreaking. I know we will all fit into a routine soon, but the adjustment period is taking some time.

  12. What an amazing and beautiful bond between your boys! I can't handle the cuteness and amount of love that is felt and seen in these pictures! Xo, Stephanie


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