Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Comfy & Cozy

It's the best sale of the year, & a time when I really go a little crazy in the shopping department!  My mom & I were at Nordstrom at 8am on the first day of early access, so I literally had first picks at anything!  Now don't think I'm about to give you all some amazing fashion advice or insight, because that most definitely won't be happening.  But I can share all the super comfortable pieces I snagged up that will be the staples for my "momiform" this fall!  The prices were on point (all my purchases were under $50), & seriously the comfort level is amazing (especially for my postpartum body)!
*No fancy collages today, since I'm still on vacation*
 Bobeau Open Drape Front Cardigan
(incredibly soft)
 Caslon Tunic Sweatshirt
(fitted sweatshirt that I can wear with leggings...need I say more?!)
Pleione Tunic
(can be dressy or casual; it's perfect legging length - and
I think this color is a bit moody & dramatic)
Halogen Relaxed Tee
(again so soft - this doesn't look all that exciting online,
but it's amazing - so many colors & it's only $16!!!)
Sandra Plaid Shirt
(perfect plaid for Fall, especially paired with a vest)
Hue Leggings
(everyone raves about them; now I know why - and
they are not one bit see through, even when you bend over)
Lounge Pants
(only thing I haven't seen in person yet, but I'm pretty sure I will love)
While I loved many of the goodies I snagged for myself , I was very disappointed in the baby & kids section this year.  I bought nothing for Finn & only a couple things for Liam: winter/ski coat & fleece jacket.  And Conor has been too busy to really shop the sale yet, but I did get him a couple of the trim fit shirts.  I didn't go as crazy as I normally do, although I'm sure I'll keep making a few purchases and everyone shares their favorites!
Happy Shopping!


  1. ooh cute stuff! I was just wearing my hue leggings today. So comfy.

  2. I LOVE all your picks and was actually eyeing some of them myself! I thought the little boys sale items were pretty good... I added a couple long sleeve shirts and some jammies to Mason's Christmas list with my mother in law so I'm hoping he gets some goodies in a few months!

  3. You have some great picks, lady!!! Bummer there wasn't much for the kids :(!

  4. I ended up grabbing those lounge pants too - I love the way they look on the model, so hopeful that they will fit just as good on us:) Comfy cute is the name of my game lately. My business casual days are behind me for now:)

  5. Good stuff, I already had most on my wishlist and excited to finally pull the trigger today. Definitely will be getting myself a card though because I missed out on some stuff this year and don't want that to happen again..!! Is that plaid top long enough in the torso?

  6. You had me at comfy and cozy, ha! That's always the way to be. I grabbed that tunic in a couple colors too - I hope it fits when it arrives! That first cardigan looks super cozy.


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