Monday, July 20, 2015

This is Montana

Has it seemed like we've been vacationing all summer?  'Cause we practically have, and it has been glorious!  Week three was spent in Montana with Conor's family.  Another week on another lake!  This visit was particularly exciting because it was the first time we had the opportunity to meet our new nephew Solomon (4 months old) & for everyone in Conor's family to meet Finn!  There were toddlers & babies everywhere!  Let's just say our boat rides were a tad hectic & chaotic with plenty of noise, but being with family was simply the best!

Liam & Dagny have the exact same birthday, just one year apart!
While they had their squabbles, these two were just the cutest together!

Liam also had some special time with his Godfather Paul...

...while Finn finally met my best friend!  

Liam had quite the busy week! He rode the alpine slide up at Big Mountain & skinny dipped in not only Whitefish Lake but also Flathead Lake.  Had one icecream cone everyday, because when it's the family indulge!  Fed the chickens at his cousins house (and now insists that we too buy chickens & build a coop).  Took a sunset ride on the John Deere lawnmower, & a few special trips in Grandpa's truck (with no slow plow on it for summer, much to Liam's dismay).  He captained the pontoon boat & walked up the river.  Liam is happiest when he's outdoors, so he fully enjoyed all the wide open spaces Montana had to offer him!

Conor played a couple rounds of golf on the course he grew up on, & then brought Liam out on the range with him.  We borrowed a small set of clubs from the Junior Golf league which gave Liam the first opportunity to swing some real clubs around.  Watching them walk to the range with their bags on their backs was just the sweetest thing.  Liam could barely walk straight since the bag was so big, but it was cute nonetheless.  The clubs were definitely too heavy for our little guy, but he gave it his all.  I think he enjoyed shagging all the balls far more than anything else however.  Seeing all my boys together on the course gave me a brief little glimpse into our future.  I hope Liam & Finn develop the same love for the sport that Conor has.

 My favorite part of the trip was our huckleberry picking adventure!  Since Conor & I are both from the PNW, huckleberries speak to our hearts.  So tart, so hard to find, so delicious.  They only grow in the wild, and sometimes it's fierce competition (with bears, deer, & fellow pickers) to find the best patch.  Picking on Crane Mountain right outside Bigfork, MT has always been a fun tradition of ours.  This was the first year Liam joined us, and it lived up to every hope I had for the trip.  Finn slept soundly the entire time (2+ hours), so it was really a moment we got to enjoy with just Liam.  He proudly wore his tin can around his neck, picking every huckleberry he spotted.  Our fingers were purple & our legs pretty scraped up, but he loved it!  I cannot wait for more huckleberry adventures, & perhaps our little Huckleberry Finn will get in on the action next year!

Montana treated us well.  All the family time was simply the best!  We were well fed, taken care of, & loved on by all!  It was incredibly hard to leave our families after such an extended vacation.  I had a very rough day our first day home just trying to handle the emotions of it all.  I'm already stalking Delta's site for any price changes so that we can get back to the PNW for one more weekend this summer.  Here's to hoping I can make it happen!  


  1. Montana looks amazing! How lucky for Conor to be able to take 3 weeks off! And those golf pictures... The one of them walking needs to be framed!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Montana, it's on my next trip list depending on ticket prices. It sounds so gorgeous and I can't wait to get to big sky country!!!! Your adventures look like so much fun and lil Liam with his golf bag is just the cutest lil thing!

  3. I can't get over how big Liam looks in these pictures!! He's like a little grown up already! So glad you've been having a great summer!

  4. What awesome vacations..!! Love the huckleberry picking, sounds like a fun little adventure. And the boys golfing..?!?! Too cute. :) Hope you get to squeeze in another trip; that back-to-reality hangover can be tough, hang in there.

  5. Awe! Looks like you guys had so much fun, sounds very relaxing and perfect for a family vacation! Love the pic of Conor with the baby and Liam and the gold clubs! Multitasking at its finest! Haha!

  6. That looks like such a fun, fun trip! It reminds me of how much I enjoy my time with my family when we visit AZ- just entirely different terrain :)

    The picture of the boys carrying their clubs in a definite framer!! SO so sweet.

  7. Such sweet memories! I feel the exact same way when we visit our families. Makes you crave more of it for sure! Especially now that there are cousins around for Lily to grow with and get to know better. Definitely makes the time more special.
    Hope you can find some flights for one last trip soon!

  8. Such a wonderful time and beautiful scenery!! I'm sure the weather couldn't be beat, either!


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