Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Finn: 3 Months Old

What a handsome boy he continues to grow into!  Finn has much darker eyes than Liam, so I don't believe they will ever be blue.  Possibly gray or brown or green.  He's still mellow & sweet, just one happy baby!  The smiles are flowing effortlessly, but his big belly laughs are hard to come by!  He's ticklish right on top of his knees, which can keep us entirely busy during one of Liam's nap times!

Height & Weight:  No official stats this month, although I did attempt to weigh Finn on our home scale...  He's roughly 16 lbs, so already half of Liam's size!  He's big, just really really big.

Eating: My oversupply seems to be pretty regulated now, so it has been smooth sailing.  Finn doesn't comfort nurse nearly as much as Liam used to, which seems to fit his personality well.  It will be interesting to see if he stays this way.

Sleeping: I have another magical unicorn baby who is sleeping 10-12 hours straight each & every night!  However, after experiencing the 4 month sleep regression with Liam, I know this most likely will not last.  One more month and then surely our world is going to be rocked!

Health: Caught one of Liam's colds this month, but handled it like a champ!

Likes: Being outside!  This is when Finn is most alert & happy!  He still loves big brother and will track him constantly when he is near.  He's starting to get interested in our cat Charlie, especially the tail that always seems to be in his face (Charlie is very friendly).  He loves bath time (which doesn't happen nearly enough...second child problems) & does not want to be still for a minute.  His feet are kicking constantly, and he prefers to be sitting up or standing at all times.  Such a strong boy!

Milestones:  Nothing major.  He's in the early stages of rolling over, although mostly just while laying in our bed that already has a bit of a slant to it.  So that advantage is definitely helping him.  We don't do much tummy time, since he gets plenty of that strength training while in the ring sling.  Liam was never a big roller, so it's not really on my radar.

We love our little Finn, Finny, Huckleberry pretty fiercely!


  1. Such a cutie - love his outfit here, too!

  2. I love big babies (noah was huge at this age)! His eyes might be blue but just a darker navy blue. That's how I sometimes describe Noah's eyes though they tend to change color with what he's wearing. It's funny cause sometimes I see Finn and think he doesn't look like Liam, but then I look past those squishable and see it around the eyes!

  3. Such a cutie!! I think we're experiencing the 4 month sleep regression a little early. :( No fun!

  4. Handsome dude! I can totally see a little bit of a Liam expression hidden in Finn's pictures :) I'm envious of your unicorn babies who sleep like champs -- I'm afraid B2 will be a rough sleeper like his big brother. PS. Where is his cute little outfit from? Is it Gap?

  5. Omg! So cute!! I can't believe he is 3 months already!

  6. Happy three months to Finn - I can't believe he is that old already! He looks darling in these photos!

  7. Finn is just so cute! I can't believe how big he already is, 16 lbs? He's not far away from Sophie and she's over twice his age.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  8. His little smile in that last picture!! Seriously so cute! Happy 3 months, Finn!

  9. Oh my lands, I can't get over the cuteness of that kid! He is gorgeous!

  10. he is so freaking adorable! and so big. i just want to squish his cheeks haha.

  11. Oh my word I'm dying. He is so sweet.

    So much of what you said sounds like Mabesy. Minus 10-12 hours straight. Holy lots of expletives that's insane and amazing.

    I almost lost my mind because Mabel gave me a 6 the other night for the first time ever ever. Otherwise it's every three round the clock.

  12. Those cheeks! Nate is sleeping 3-4 hours at 1 month. His sister was sleeping 8-9 by 2 months so I'm hopeful lol.

  13. Love to hear you have a chunky little thing too! According to the home scale Ben is 17lbs. Blows my mind since Lily likely didn't reach that until closer to one. Ha!
    The comfort nursing...something he is totally into it and I love it. Makes my mama heart swell!
    You are such a lucky little devil with y'all's sleep habits over there! Benny was sleeping beautifully and now (right at 4 months) we are up ever 1-2 hrs...and that's even with co-sleeping. I think he just wants to be close ;-)


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