Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday

Well I survived my first solo night with both boys; now I'm ready for the weekend!  We have no major plans, so I'm hoping for lots of relaxing.  We may sign Liam up for a Strider Bike Race; we'll just have to see how adventurous we're feeling.  Here's my (sometimes) weekly five...   As always, thanks to Karli for hosting.

There's a new Little Blue Truck book out, that appears to be geared more towards babies!  I, of course, pre-ordered it upon discovery.  I'll calling this my first Christmas present purchase; it will be the perfect stocking stuffer for Finn! We'll see if I can hold out that long...

As we all know, Instagram is my most favorite form of social media (just say no to snapchat & periscope!).  Erin introduced me to momtog, and it has quickly become a little obsession of mine!  Follow this account immediately if you want to see beautiful photography all day long.  It has inspired me to learn more about my DSLR as well as my iPhone...that's right, you won't believe the incredible pictures taken with simply an iPhone!

Even though summer is already more than half way over, I just recently purchased a new swim suit!  Splendid is one of my favorite brands for suits, with this one being the newest addition.  I purchased a slightly different bottom (than pictured) which is a bit cheeky, but still appropriate to wear anywhere.  It's my new favorite!

New York Seltzer is back!!!  Please tell me this was the stuff of all your childhoods!  When I spotted the little glass bottle at the grocery store this, I didn't think it was the real stuff!  A quick google search led to all the awesomeness that is this company!  Raspberry is my jam, but black cherry is pretty awesome too!

The best for last... My new obsession is Aden & Anais' new clothing line!!!  I want to go on a serious shopping spree & snatch up everything!  Amazon is carrying the line, so hello 2-day free shipping!  What I'm loving most is this sleeperthese knee patch pantsthis tunic, and this elbow patch hoodie!!!

TGIF friends!
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  1. Great post! Love mom tog, I've been following it, too! And Aden & anais outfits?!!! Amazing! Happy weekend!

  2. I love momtog on Instagram too! Amazing inspiration to help me with my goal this month of working on my photography style! I would totally buy that new blue truck book if I had a baby!

  3. New York seltzer----what?!?!!! Totally remember that! Seltzer is all I drink besides iced coffee! I'll be on the lookout!! I started following mom tog because of Erin too! And the A&A clothes are adorable- but too late for me! My big guy is in 12 months already:( I'm loving the little unicorn blankets that I see everywhere now, but too late for me!

    1. Finn is already so big that he won't be able to wear the A+A clothes for long; I'm bummed! Wish they came in even bigger sizes! And yes the little unicorn swaddles are adorable!

  4. Love the Aden and Anais clothing line! I'm in love with the stars kimono onesies. I'll have to check out momtog, I don't think I follow them? Have a great weekend!

  5. Yes, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who says no to snapchat!! That Little blue truck book looks cute and those outfits with the knee patches...adorable. Hope you guys have a great weekend! xo

  6. Say what??? Aden and Anais is making clothing? You might have just gotten me in big budget trouble by sharing that info;) I've never tried New York seltzer, but the flavors sound yummy. Where can I find it? And girl, amen to avoiding snapchat and periscope. I've got IG and the blog and that's about as open as I feel like I ever want to be. I don't feel the need to share much more than I already do. The periscope idea REALLY freaks me out!

  7. I've never heard of New York Seltzer! What is it? Flavored seltzer water? Kinda like LaCroix water? Sounds interesting!
    I LOVE MomTog! I started following when Erin said she was posting on there! I've already learned so much!
    And say what? A new Little Blue Truck book?? I may need to look into that! I have some baby boys I need Christmas presents for :)

  8. I will need to look into the book! My little guy is still young for reading, but I try to read to him as much as possible. I'm always looking for good, new finds to add to the bookshelf. I'm also going to need to follow the Instagram account. I'd love to take better photos on my phone. And, I can't get enough of the Aden & Anais pjs. Putting those on my wish list :)

  9. Ohmygoodness! My husband just picked up some of those waters this weekend. I certainly don't remember them but he swears they were filled with childhood memories for him. Maybe it was a regional thing? He was up North as I child & ice always been in the South.


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