Monday, September 7, 2015

Finn: 4 Months Old

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Finn's eyes are staying dark & looking to be more brown these days.  He still seems to prefer Conor over me, and a bit of stranger danger is setting in.  He's a fairly laid back baby, although he's a bit fussier than Liam ever was.  It's those darn teeth, which there are none of yet, but that hasn't stopped the massive amounts of drool & hand chewing!  His voice is deep just like Liam's, and his giggle may just be my favorite sound!

Stats:  Height: 26.77 inches (almost the exact same as big brother) 96%, Weight: 17.64 lbs (2 lbs more than big brother) 93%.  He's big.  This we know.

Eating: Eats like a boss!  He is an extremely efficient nurser, and still doesn't do much comfort nursing.  This is tough for me when I know he is so uncomfortable with the teething pain, but he won't just let me nurse away the pain.  We will not be starting any solids until 6 months old.  I feel pretty strongly about a baby's virgin gut staying intact 'til then.  Once 6 months comes along, we will slowly dive into baby led weaning.  We did this with Liam & loved the process!

Sleeping:  The amazing sleep continues!  He almost always sleeps 8-12 hours straight.  This has been the most wonderful gift, especially since big brother still wakes during the night.  The 4 month sleep regression is a very real thing however...  It hit Liam the day he turned 4 months old.  Each night I put Finn to bed now, I wonder when the amazing sleep will end.  I'm so skeptical.  I have heard that bigger babies tend to be better sleepers, so here's to hoping that we'll keep having a snoozer.

Health: Practically perfect!  Growing like crazy!

Likes: Trees are still his favorite!  He loves being outside & on the go.  Tickles (especially on his knees & arm pits).  Kisses all over his cheeks & neck.  And big brother!  Their love is so so strong!

Mama update:  Still hanging onto about 7 lbs.  I'm not really doing anything at this point to work them off; I'm simply hoping that the breastfeeding weight loss will really kick in around the 6 month mark.  My baby blues have finally disappeared, which I am oh so thankful for!  That's not to say that I don't still have a rough day now or then, but the postpartum crazy is gone.

Time seems to be flying by much faster than it ever did with Liam!  
With my first I couldn't wait for the next milestone, where as now I am holding onto each day and hoping Finn doesn't grow up too quickly!


  1. He is just precious, Laura!!! And I agree, with Waverly I was so ready for the milestones but this time I'm hanging on more! :)

  2. Ooh I love big babies... Noah was big just like Finn (and Liam). Though noah being big didn't help with sleeping lol ;). You may have a few pounds to get to your pre baby weight, but you look great! Just keep doing what you're doing!

  3. How is Finn 4months old already!?! He looks like such a happy baby! :)

  4. So cute! How long has the drooling/chewing been going on? N started this same thing this past week but he's only 2 months. Our daughter started later than that. I know it could take forever still but geeze. Lol.

  5. Oh my goodness, he is so stinking cute! How is he four months already? I can't believe it! <3 his lil cheeks!

  6. He is such a cutie!! I am so jealous of your sleep! I'm hoping once we get settled into the new house that will improve for us. And we just found a ticklish spot on Logan and oh my gosh! It's the cutest thing!

  7. oh i'm glad your baby blues are gone, i can't imagine how hard that is. lol @ virgin gut. Finn is just too adorable!

  8. I toooootally hear ya on maintaining the virgin gut! Ben is definitely starting to get curious about all the foods when we are eating but no way jose!
    Ben is a chunk monk too & I'm loving it. Baby rolls are the best, aren't they?!
    The tickles!!! I don't remember Lily being ticklish so young, but I sure am soaking it up right now!
    Yay for the good sleep!!! I think we are finally *knock on wood* getting back on track a bit!!

  9. Good eater, sleeper, plus that smile - couldn't you just have 10 more..?!?! :) Glad YOU are doing well too.


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