Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stitch Fix #10

Another month, another fix.  This one was disappointing... again.  I know that I'm picky, so I'm not overly frustrated.  I'm actually already anxious for my next fix, and hope that my stylist can deliver in the new year!  I didn't keep anything, but am still here to share what was in the box in case anyone of you think I made some terrible decisions and want to pin these items for your own fixes.  Since this is such a busy time of year, I barely had a chance to snap some pictures of the goods.  And because I wasn't too excited about any of the items, I wasn't really into this photo shoot.  So today I bring you day three hair after playing in the snow all morning.  Obviously, I'm looking glamorous!  Here we go...

Leota Kenton Dress
This dress photographs well; I'll give you that.  It was also flattering and gives a lovely little twirl.  And it was nursing friendly!  Regardless, I kinda hated it.  The print was so not me, and I did not like the material.  Plus this was a bit dressier than I was wanting.  I need dresses that I can pair with leggings or tights and wear daily.  

Skies are Blue Lans Button Down Tunic
Hated this.  I'm particularly didn't like the back detail and this color of plaid would not be my first pick.  I'm drawn to more reds & blues.  

41Hawthorn Gideon Polka Dot Sweater
This was a nice sweater, but I don't need more sweaters.  It didn't wow me in any way.

Market & Spruce Ivy Split Neck Print Blouse
My stylist seems to think I need an entire closet of this style of blouse!  There seems to be at least one in every fix.  While I like them, it's not exactly a wintery piece.  With the thin material, I would be freezing!  Plus, I'm not a big fan of this print nor the colors.

Octavia Beacon Chunky Yarn Infinity Scarf
A very cozy scarf!  But alas, I already own a red cable knit scarf, so no need for another!

So there's my pretty "meh" fix.  I think I may start requesting a specific stylist.  So if you have one you love, then please please share!!!  Even though my last two fixes haven't been anything overly exciting, I still love this service.  It is most definitely worth at least one try!  Use my link to get started and my closet with thank you!!!


  1. Yep, I agree with you on all of them. I love the first dress on you, but totally not casual or legging-friendly. I hate the back of that plaid top, I'd totally send that back too. The polka dot sweater is cute, but too short. You and I both love longer tops. And the blouse is cute but definitely not appropriate for winter in Utah! I sometimes wonder if SF has any clue about how to appropriately dress for winter weather because they can't seem to get it together during cold months when people want to bundle.

  2. Such misses! I loved the dress, but material is important if it doesn't feel right, then it's not going to be comfortable. You might like Old Navy's swing dress since you liked the fact that it could be twirled. I love it and I dress it down a lot, with either big scarves or boots, I don't feel it too's

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. The dress fits well but I agree the print isn't great and style is totally wrong to wear over leggings! I'm with you on that back detail on the plaid shirt... So strange! I got and kept the polka dot sweater in my last fix. I barely had any real sweaters so it was a nice addition to my closet. But I totally get why you didn't keep it. Hopefully better luck next time!

  4. Such a bummer that it was a total miss! I think the scarf is cute (of course, I'm obsessed!) but if you already have one, no need for another. Hopefully your next one will be better!

  5. I like the sweater best, but I wouldn't have kept it either. Could pick up something similar anywhere and would probably be a better material. I get so hung up on the materials Stitch Fix's buyers source. Like acrylic sweaters aren't worth $50+ I could get something non-synthetic at an outlet for same price or go with cheap synthetics from F21 or HM. I love Black Watch Tartan, but the back detail is awful, it'd be cute just a plain simple shirt. I think you made the right choices, hopefully next fix is better!

  6. You girl can wear anything and look adorable! I liked the plaid (Im a sucker for the print) but that lace insert so high up on the neck was strange, right? And the polka dots! But of it didnt wow you its good you passed.

  7. Yep, I agree...a miss for sure! Loved that blue/green plaid top til you turned around. :( Ah, well, it saved you some money anyways! ;)

  8. You really would look cute in anything!!! But I agree, if it doesn't wow you--send it back. Hopefully your next one hits the mark!

  9. uh that sucks it was such a miss. i haven't had a fix in a few months, i scheduled the next one for february lol. i don't think i would have kept any of these things either, so oh well! that dress is pretty at first sight, but the material does look a bit odd. and the print is kind of confusing haha.

  10. Bummer about the misses! You looked great in them all - however, if they're not "wow" worthy, nor practical, back to SF they go! Fingers crossed for a more fruitful fix next month.

  11. Agreed, a very meh fix. I like the sweater, but it definitely doesn't wow me either. Hopefully your next one is better. I have a fix en route to me now and I'm hoping it's a good one, otherwise I think I might jump ship!

  12. Agree with you on all of it. Have you had the same stylist for all of these fixes? If so, I think you need to ask for a new one! I emailed a few months back to ask to change, and my new one is the BEST. You should ask!

  13. I'm totally bummed for you with this fix! That plaid would have been adorable if it didn't have that awful detailed back. That twirly dress.. not in love either. I did like that polka dot sweater though! No need for a closet full of those though! Hopefully better luck next time!!


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