Thursday, February 25, 2016


I literally have no idea what day it is.  With the boys being sick, Liam missing school, and Conor working from home, it has felt like the weekend already.  Except without any fun.  But I'm still hopeful that healthier babies are in my future, and that we will be able to get outside this weekend for some fresh air!  In anticipation of that lovely coveted weekend, I bring you some randomness:

Thanks again for all your kind words of support & love for little Finn.  He has had quite the difficult week.  I plan on sharing a bit more about him and this vicious sickness we are dealing with (because obviously another sick kid post is needed), but for now a quick update:  We spent half of Wednesday in the ER due to some upper respiratory issues.  The official diagnosis is Bronchiolitis.  Conor was actually away on business this week, but flew home immediately after I told him I was taking Finn to the ER.  Our little boy is a strong fighter.  He seems to be improving a bit each day, but is having a difficult time stomaching any meds and keeping down breastmilk.  We feel fortunate to be able to monitor him from home, so hopefully we get good news at the doctor's office tomorrow.

Is everyone still as excited about Pillowfort as me?!  I made most of my purchases online (things sold out crazy quick), and so far the quality is great!  I love the lantern style of this lamp that will go in Finn's room, once I decide on a nightstand, and this basket is my new favorite thing ever!  I want about five more for laundry baskets, toy bins, really anything.  The size is perfect!  

If you are local to Salt Lake City (or if you are into good eats & drinks) then you need to be following my friend Caroline!  Her cocktails are always swoon worthy, her son adorable, & she herself is quite witty.  Serious girl crush on this one!  Check her out!

I have a confession:  I used to hate Justin Bieber.  I never saw the appeal.  I didn't get it.  Guess who I'm obsessed with now...?  Yep Bieber.  I have the fever.  I am a Belieber.  He is seriously killing it with his new album!  I cannot get enough of "Love Yourself" & "Sorry".  Liam knows all the words, so we've obviously been jamming out far too much.  And I'm even digging his lavender hair.  Whatever thing he has going on right now, I'm into it!  "My mama don't like you..."

If you are feeling like Bieber isn't the best music to listen to with your kids, then I have a little something else you for.  The Family Folk station on Pandora.  So much goodness!!!  Did you know Johnny Cash put out a children's album?!  After you give a few thumbs up or down, the station really settles in.  I happen to love when anything from the Sound of Music comes on!  I play this a lot during the witching hour when we're trying to calmly play at home or sometimes before bed when Finn decides he wants to scream the entire time that I get him in his pajamas and sleep sack.

On that note, TGIF everyone!
Stay healthy & enjoy the weekend!


  1. i have the same feelings about Biebs as you! Didn't get it before, but now, I am obsessed! And, I should go check out this music station you speak of!! hope the weekend is good to you and sweet Finn is feeling better!

  2. I felt the same way about Bieber and am now loving him. His new album is so catchy. Have you seem the bit with him and James Corbin: Car Karaoke? You need to look it up. Hilarious! Prayers that your family is back to healthy soon. Poor babes.

  3. I'm the same way with bieber. There was that one baby baby baby song I liked of his years ago, but other than that I couldn't stand him. Not sure if I like him as a person now but his two new songs are great. Have you bought his whole album... Is it worth it? Hopefully you have a house full of healthy people soon.

  4. I agree 100% about Biebs. I was just talking to my girlfriend about this the other day too! I used to hate him but now - LOVE LOVE! I feel like this is his first real grown up album, ya know. Hope the tides turn for you guys and the sickness is on its way outta there!

  5. I don't want to like it, but I LOVE "Love Yourself". It's so dang catchy! Keeping my fingers crossed that Finn is back to normal soon.

  6. Um NOTED about the family folk station. You had me at Johnny Cash children's album (!!!!!).

  7. Logan had bronchiolitis in January and it was no fun! Hope Finn gets better soon!!

  8. OMG me too with the Biebs. So good lately. Chris just shakes his head at me.....

    I hope Finn kicks this thing soon!!! Hang in there mama!

  9. Oh my gracious, I hope Finn continues to improve and that you get good news from the doctor!

    Aww I love Sound of Music! And I had no idea that Johnny Cash made a children's album! How cool! I need to check out the Bieb's new album. I've never really been a fan so maybe I'll like this!

  10. Finn. Sweet babe. I hope this weekend is good to him, and recovery is quick.
    Right there with you on Bieber. His new stuff is good. I hear "Love Yourself" so much.

  11. Poor, sweet little Finn. Hope his appointment went well yesterday and everyone is on the mend now. Love your Pillowfort selections and we'll definitely need to try that Pandora station! You had me at Johnny Cash for kids!! :)

  12. Hey, thanks so much, Laura! I'm so glad little Finn is doing a bit better. It's hard all around, but so hard when it seems to drag on and on and on and there doesn't seem to be much you can do but try to find comfort until it passes.

    Despite feeling like I've read the entire internet twice since we've been under the weather, this is the first I'm seeing of this post and it was such a nice surprise! Thank you for your kindness and friendship - these sweet words are just icing on the awesome cake <3

    Hope the week ahead is a vast improvement over the past week or two and hope to see you and your boys soon!

  13. I just posted my Pillowfort love list on Friday! I gave you a shoutout for getting me hooked ;) Bieber huh? I haven't heard any of his new music. I'll have to give it a try before I judge! Hope everyone is on the mend!

  14. Ugh, I do not get the whole Beiber thing either. But I have to admit that I find myself singing to Love Yourself when I hear it on the radio. I have started turning the station because I cannot allow myself to like him...its the principal of it haha!!!


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