Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Finn: 10 Months Old

I feel like this month was a bit of a bust.  Finn was sick nearly the entire time!  But now he is healthy, and our sweet snuggly boy is back.  He loves to play like he's bashful and buries his head into my chest over and over again.  He is so incredibly huggable, I just scoop him up for bear hugs all day long.  Liam also loves to get in on the hugging action.  Finn tolerates most of Liam's physical affections, but he would probably prefer a tad less hand holding, wrestling, and random touching of his neck all day long.  Liam has a thing for his neck.  It's weird.  He still seems to be strawberry blond, but as his hair gets longer & thicker it's not standing up nearly as much.  Every where I take Finn people are either commenting on his cheeks or his hair.  But he really wins you over with his sly grin (that you must work hard for) and snuggly nature.

Eating: While sick he didn't eat any food (just breastmilk), so I feel like we took a big step back with BLW.  Pomegranate seeds & blueberries seem to be the favorites.  He also goes crazy for raspberries, but wow are those messy.  So often we are on the go, that I try to keep his foods a bit more clean.  Ridiculous, I know.

Allergies:  We are finally adjusted to the dairy free life.  Finn's eczema had really cleared up, but then flared up during our trip to Montana.  I didn't knowingly eat any dairy, but since we were eating out so often, I'm sure there was hidden butter in all sorts of foods.  Damn the butter!  Finn also reacted to his very first round of antibiotics.  We're hoping that he is not allergic to amoxicillin, but we will definitely be very very cautious the next time he has to take any!

Sleeping:  There were a few rough nights when Finn was super sick, but then all of sudden he started sleeping much better.  And the best part, Conor could handle most of his night wakings.  He didn't seem to want to nurse during the night.  So instead of feeding him 4-5 times a night, I would nurse him to sleep and then not nurse again until anywhere between 3-6am.  It was amazing.  Conor still woke with him a few times a night, but this felt like such a nice change for me.  I'm not sure this magical month of sleep with last though.  Finn is currently teething and back to wanting to nurse nearly all night long.  We'll see what happens in the next week or two.  I'm practically begging for him to be a better sleeper than Liam was!

Likes: Throwing things.  Favorite pastime by far.  He throws something, anything, watches it fall and bounce.  And then repeats.  He chews (sucks) on his toes.  Points at everything.  Will give himself kisses in the mirror.  Dances (mostly head bobbing and some arm shaking).  And has a new found love for animals.  He gets so so excited at everything from a bird to a mounted animal head (we saw lots in Montana).  He also loves dogs, but not as much up close as he gets a little nervous. I can't wait for our next trip to the zoo; I'm sure it will quickly become a favorite place just as it is for Liam.

Milestones:  No major milestones unless you include his first trip to the ER.  Finn is so close to drinking from a straw (I think he has figured it out once or twice).  And most excitingly, I think he will be walking soon!!!  Dare I say by next month?  He will let go of something and stand on his own for a good 5 seconds, but then drops to the ground before trying to take a step.  Liam walked at 10.5 months, and while I don't think Finn will do it that soon (especially since we are nearly there), I don't think he will be far behind.  I love having early walkers, so I'm looking forward to this new stage.

Nicknames: Finnier, Finnaroo, Finner, Finny, & Huckleberry.

Finn is far fiestier than Liam ever was and always knows what he wants.  He gets huge alligator tears when he's sad, even if it's just over the piece of paper that was taken out of his mouth.  His love language is most definitely physical touch.  I've said it a ridiculous amount of times already, but he is the best snuggled.  And with him being so sick, this was really the month of snuggles.  I can't complain too much.  Can't wait to see if Finn is fully mobile next month!


  1. I think second children have to be fiestier to keep up with their older sibling. Emmy is that way too. Yay for being healthy again. I love that he loves to play bashful. So sweet!!

  2. Wow you really do have early walkers! I also can't believe Finn will be turning 1 soon, that went by fast!!! Such a bummer he was sick for so long, but relieved to hear he's back to his normal cuddly self :)

  3. I'm so glad the sickness is gone. What a rough stretch for you and Finn.
    I wonder if the fiestiness (not sure that's a real word...) is a second child thing. I was nodding my head to everything you mentioned about Finn, as Julia is the same way.
    Happy 10 Months, Finn!!

  4. Finaroo, I love that nickname. What sweet, sweet, sweet pictures.

  5. Awe!! They're both so cute in that last pic! I love Finns hair! It looks like red fluffs of cotton!

  6. aww....sweet Finn. heres to hoping month 11 is better than the sick days of month 10!

    how did you know he was allergic to dairy? like ho bad was the eczema? Charlie has REALLY dry skin, and no lotion is really helping. its not really red or anything, just really patchy, rough skin....maybe its nothing and its just our dry air and ?hard water?

  7. I just love that he loves to snuggle. What a special bond that must be! He is such a handsome little baby boy!

  8. 10 months already!?! i'm so glad he's feeling better and you're getting some sleep, too! he is just too adorable!

  9. Liam kissing Finn and them holding hands in that last picture! I die. My gosh. All the heart eyes. They seem to get along SO well!
    Happy 10 months sweet Finn!

  10. That picture of the brothers!!!!

    Do you notice how he is totally a quintessential younger sibling? Because mabel totally is! I see things in her that I never saw in Abigail- and can already tell will make things interesting for us in the future :p but really, I love the dynamic of the two together. So much fun!

    Blueberries are a favorite around here too!

  11. I love him!!!! Your posts of him remind me so much of Ben. I would love to hear your "clean" food go-to suggestions! Most of Ben's snacks &, almost always, lunch is in the car. He is probably the messiest eater I've ever seen... Or maybe I'm just not use to little boys quite yet! ;)

  12. He's so cute!! I'm glad he's feeling better. He's had a rough month. Is it me or is his hair looking reddish?

    liz @ j for joiner

  13. Happy 10 months precious Finn! He just looks like the best snuggler!! And that last picture melts me completely. Cutest brother duo!

  14. My goodness, their brotherly bond is the sweetest! I can only imagine how special those baby snuggles have been recently! Xo, Stephanie


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